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    Fitness Business Opportunity In California

    N2Fitness Newbie
      Searching for a savvy investor or two to fund a start-up fitness center (corporation) in California. $500K investment returns $500K per year after the 2nd year of operations (smaller, incremental returns begin 3Q09). Owner has tons of experience and has already laid the groundwork. Please see profile detail for concept and info. Thanks for viewing!!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Fitness Business Opportunity In California, Welcome

          Tell me more. Do you have a location??

          How soon do you plan on starting??

          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan I can read??

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              N2Fitness Newbie
              Yes, I have a location in a large plaza between national credit tenants in the heart of the best demographic in my city/county. The LL is willing to remodel-to-suit so that keeps my construction costs down since it is a large facility. I can engage in presales as soon as a month from funding and have everything lined up and ready to go. I've done this plenty of times before for another organization and have built and operated very profitable centers. I've been through SCORE counseling and they told me my plan was already well past their normal assistance/development level. I tried SBA financing and it essentially cost me two months of my time as the credit markets are exceptionally tight for start-ups even though I have a stellar track record and bio.

              I have a full business plan with marketing strategy and a marketing firm that will oversee the marketing, press releases, etc., in concert with me. I'm also very adept at guerilla marketing, corporate sales and physician referrals as pertaining to health and wellness. I will potentially share my business plan with serious investors if a non-disclosure/non-compete/confidentiality agreement is filled out and digitally signed/attached or faxed back to me. Contact me at and give me a basic overview of level of interest, ability to invest and at what level, business background, etc., and I will send out the forms for signing via email. If I am comfortable with everything, I will give out online access to the full business plan. Thanks!