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    Using the Election?

    BRMcHenry Adventurer
      Anyone else use the election for business promotion? I have a small drive thru kiosk (espresso) and it has two lanes so I was thinking of getting an Obama standee for the left lane and a McCain standee for the right? Is that acceptable market?

      My parent company Baskin Robbins has produced the Whirl of Change and Straight Talk Crunch flavors which labels clearly feature Democratic and Republican logo's.

      What do you think...can we milk the election for some added sales? Ideas?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Too bad you don't have three lanes!

          If you have local television network affiliates, be sure to accompany this with a news release -- especially if a station's format has a 20-second "human interest" video/story at the end of the newscast. You could get some great free coverage . . . plus, who knows, it might get picked up by a network and run nationally!

          If the concepts works, you could do it with other events -- a lane for each SuperBowl team for the two weeks leading up to that, etc. You could keep the idea going perpetually . . .
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            Mergent Adventurer

            I own a business planning company, and I must say, kudos to you for looking at a non-business event and turning it into a profit center and a promotion. GREAT IDEA............ I have seen countless clients think along normal lines and use traditional methods to gain market share and exposure, and it is quite refreshing to see someone come up with something as fresh as your idea.

            If I may make one tiny suggestion, if you did one side republican, and one side democrat, with party affiliations, not focusing on individual candidates. Its a more general concept, but if you have a loyal customer who is a staunch independent, with strong views of either candidate, you may alienate him or her for a short period of time. By using party affiliations, you may be able to have the client simply shrug it off and just go through the most convenient side.

            Lighthouse is also right, you could expand this concept into other areas.

            Valentines Day - Singles on one side, couples on the other
            Superbowl - One team on one side, one team on the other
            Halloween - Wings and halos on one side, pitchforks and horns on the other
            Armed Forces Day - Army on one side, Navy on the other
            Local high school rivalries - Home team on one side, opposing rival on the other
            Christmas - One side is Expecting Snow, the other side is Not Expecting Snow, and you tally customers who come through each line (great tie in for local weather forecast, they keep a running tally on morning weather)


            Hope this helps, and if you need any help what so ever or more ideas, please feel free to give me a call at 702-538-1798 or e-mail me at


            Best Regards,

            Brian Mosko
            Mergent Planning