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    Why haven't you joined yet?

    Vince Adventurer

      Aloha Community!


      For all you newbies out there that haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? Stop lurking and join in on the conversation! With membership, you'll be able to:


      Network with other members
      Get expert advice from industry experts
      Participate in forum discussions
      Share your experiences


      Join Now!


      I hope to see you out there.

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          BRMcHenry Adventurer
          Must admit, the place is only as good as the participation. I'm hoping other businesses participate so I can learn how to get through this down turn in our economy...
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Jim, here are more things that you can do that don't cost you anything or very little:
              • Email specials
              • Catering/large orders
              • Coffee runs
              • Tasting clubs
              • Customer loyalty programs
              • Promotions
              • Report cards rewards programs
              • Ice cream socials

              I have used most of these, so I know they can work. Think about catering - if there are office buildings in the area or large churches. A little foot work can take you far.
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              snipperred Scout

              Hi Vince,

              I see you are a host but I didn't get a chance to meet you yet. I looked into your profile and, though I share many of your interests, was kind of wondering how to orient to you and your role within the community. Regardless, if I understand you represent SBOC correctly, then I think having a presence in the community, interacting with members, and doing some outreach like this thread is a very good thing. Good on you.

              I would like to meet you. I have a post "Online Business Consulting" I created a little while back to help greet new members and summarize some of the community guidelines. I set it up as a listserve so any time a new member introduces themselves there, I will be notified. I also have offered to personally review every new member profile who posts on the thread, send them a thank you note if they include an e-mail, and of course will interact with them if I feel I can be of assistance.

              I created a social network offsite that has a broader theme of social networking beyond business. I would like it to be a hub for various interests to be represented- especially for other network creators to converge and represent their site features for the benefit of my community. I have a group for those interested in business communities and mention the SBOC is one of my favorites. It would be great to have an official representative come by and promote the SBOC.


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                  Vince Adventurer
                  Hi snippered,

                  Thanks for reaching out. My role within the Community, hhhmmm. Well, I'd have to say I'm here to promote good content and behavior and to keep members engaged. And I have to say, you display it all.

                  Thanks for the invitation to your site! I'll definitely swing by to check it out. I'm know for a fact the SBOC would be very pleased by the plug.

                  Keep up the great content!

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                      snipperred Scout
                      Thank you very much for the compliments, Vince.

                      I have taken more of an observation mode since school started. I have an online presence on a variety of social networking platforms and have learned some methods to achieve a low-maintenance profile when needed.

                      You will definately be welcomed to my site. I would be happy to feature you and perhaps schedule an ongoing public interview as is my protocol for service to all my valued members.

                      As far is SBOC is concerned, I've noted there are several threads where attention has been requested for the SBOC community team regarding suggested forum categories or resolution of technical issues with threads, etc. Perhaps you will keep an eye open for those and extend members the courtesy of "noting" and forwarding to the appropriate entities. One of the first articles I enjoyed in this community was suggesting "service" is an aspect of any venture. I'm pleased to know SBOC has an active online presence and an accessible personal service component. I think this helps provide a positive outlook for the future of this community.