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      U.S. Dealers Wanted: Made To Order, High Quality Scooters.


      Buyers' choice on styles, colors and sizes. Made to order from our factories, 80 to 100 mpg, environmentally friendly. mix and match orders allowed to maximize dealers' sales. DOT &
      EPA certified.


      Multiple engine sizes and styles/colors offered from 50cc's to 400cc's. Custom branding is available for a very small fee. Product specs and catalog by request. Simply send us your e-mail and forward to Diversify your categories and offer scooters to your market . Focused Net marketing program offered to dealers who order more than one container, ( one container minimum, 48 units) Scooter sales are up 24% while small to medium bikes are also up to 7.5%. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Consumer sales finance with lifestyle solutions promos will boost your profits to the next level. It's easy to get started. Send for our catalog and price list.