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    Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer

    RongDesign Adventurer
      One of the most asked questions I get is what is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer. When I'm not asked, I often hear one mistaken for the other. I thought I would throw a quick note up about the differences and what you ideally are looking for when building a web site.

      Web Designer: A web designer is usually a web based graphic designer. They are very good at making great looking sites but usually have limited functionality so that the nicer graphics do not bog down the web site. If your company is looking to just give good information, while at the same time look very professional, a experienced web designer is the way to go.

      Web Developer: A web developer is very important in this day of the Internet. If you seek an audience, that regularly visits and interacts with your web site, you will need a web developer. Web sites like YouTube, MySpace and CraigsList, that are not so much eye catching, were developed by great web developers. Web developers are required to continuously study and use coding languages like PHP, SQL, ASP.

      Ideal Designer: The ideal choice is either a Web Designer who uses Dreamweaver and a lot of name brand name Extension that go with it or a Web Developer witha decent background in graphic design.


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