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    Need a proffesional oppinion !

    rubanokusss Newbie
      My friend claims to be making almost 2000$ a month doing some online business thing , he gave me his web page with video , I watched it and i got to tell you it looks pretty tempting , but i need someones opinion to tell me if its really worth it.
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          rubanokusss Newbie

 oh yea , and thats the page , whats ur opinion ?
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Need a professional oppinion

            How do you define professional?? (You did not spell it correctly)

            I claim to be making over $2000 a week doing online business. SO????

            Where and What are you getting at?????????
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I'll offer some facts. Your friend's website appears to be operated by an independent associate of one of those legal plan MLMs that are frequently pitched here. According to MediaMoogle and the company's own annual reports, in 2005 they had about 1.4 million members (i.e., customers who'd bought one of the plans you'd be selling) and 2.6 million sales associates (i.e., people trying to sell those plans). It's hard for me to get too excited about something that has more sellers than buyers (okay, that was an opinion). Reportedly nearly 80 percent of the members (customers) are also sales associates.

              As with many MLMs, sales associates make more money signing up other sales associates (creating a downline) and selling them the plans than they do selling the plans to new (real) customers. The average sales associate made $29.94 in commissions in 2005 (but that included a lot of inactive associates who weren't selling anything). Active members averaged $598.97 -- still well short of the six figures your friend is bringing in each year. He's evidently a very, very good salesman.


              Do you think his income claim is accurate (or can he verify it with something like bank deposits or tax records)? Is he willing to actively mentor you and teach you those selling skills? If so, the lessons you gain from him might be worth the membership and associate fees.

              Keep us posted! Best wishes.
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                DMIGUY Adventurer
                Assuming you haven't used this post as a ploy to recruit, then if Dmetri is truly your friend, he should already have given you the lowdown on his MLM business.

                If he's really making that kind of money, the what more could any of us say? If he's not making that kind of money, than what more do any of us need to say?