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    My business "wheels" are spinning.

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      Hello Everyone:
      I'm Samanth Robinson. Started a cleaning business from the ground up twelve years ago. My company's specialty is in steam and dry cleaning all textile fabrics and various floor coverings. As a small contractor I've walked the pavers looking and searching for meaningful business My marketing strategy included phone books, neighborhood and church bulletins, cold calling, email and fax campaigns, none of which has brought my company constant work year round. I took small courses to familiarize myself with the computer. I then built me a website using templates provided by network solutions. So I do have internet

      What else is a lady to do to reach the glass ceiling in this industry. . I am just not able to land any sizable contract with corporate america. I am quite capable and equipped to service chain stores, banks, restaurants, commercial buildings in the South Florida area.

      Any advice and guidance available outthere to assist me reach my goals? Well, thank you in advance.




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          LUCKIEST Guide
          help needed with marketing, Welcome Sam

          To start I am a SCORE Counselor. Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          You say that you have been in business 12 years. That is great. Hopefully you have an
          Accountant, a Lawyer and an Insurance Agent on your side.

          You need a Marketing Plan and both SCORE and I can help you to land some sizable
          contracts. Maybe it is time to think "outside the box"

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            DMIGUY Adventurer

            Please accept this in the spirit in which it is intended. Not criticism, but critique.

            I saw your site, and what you've done is commendable, but in web building terms, you've "put up" a site. That's not good. You need to work on 'content'.

            If you can't afford to hire a professional, and want to do it yourself, I would recommend you read "Killer Web Content" by Gerry McGovern. It will get you on the right track so far as building your site. . He emphasises the importance of content, and then takes you through the rest of the criticall items you'll need to climb the Google pyramid. It's an easy read and I'm certain it will get a great deal out of it.

            That said, I'm not sure even the best of websites will get you where you want. I can't imagine the facilities manager for La Quinta googling "steam cleaning". Assuming he was in the market for a new company to do his cleaning, he would likely use Trade Resource Periodicals, Trade Magazines, or other such reading material that he's flooded with on a daily basis. And even at that, if you had the money to advertise in one of them, you'd have to stand out among the many.

            I think rather, you are on the right track with forums like this. However, you need to take it to the next step, and that would be associations and events. Read the periodicals that the buyers read. Perhaps as simple a start as the South Florida Business Journal. Find out what events these buyers attend and what associations they belong to and learn to schmooze.

            Oh yes, and there is no better advertising than you showing up in their office on a somewhat regular basis, with a smile, a business card, and a quick pitch. You'll get tons of rejections, and you'll go away depressed an awful lot. Knowing that up front might ease the sting. Getting your first commercial account will definately make you forget it all.

            Best of Luck.