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    Business Partner Stealing $$ and Clients

    BallroomMafia Newbie
      The company I work for (an LLC) partnered with an incorporated (non-profit) to run a business. The LLC basically owns the property where the business is run, and the non profit could be described as the "managing company". Each company is made up of one guy, and then a few independent contractors. The partners have run into irreconcilable differences and are attempting to dissolve. However, in the process of dissolving, they each claim that the other owes money. (they will both continue to run their own separate businesses without the other.
      The non-profit owner has been taking the money he feel's he's owed through several avenues, such as attempting to credit his own credit card through the LLC's point of sale system.
      Most recently the non-profit owner has been charging clients (basically double charging them on auto credit card accounts) and claiming they are his. The LLC owner (my boss) has hired a lawyer, but the lawyer has told him to do nothing until aug. 31st (apparently there was a letter written to kick out the non-profit as of that date). So in the mean time... we let our clients get double charged?
      Is my boss on the right track, or should he be taking more quick action? In my mind, the fraudulent attempt at crediting his credit card on our POS should be enough to put the non-profit owner in jail...