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    help needed with marketing and investment on great idea

    rockjenny Newbie
      I have a great new idea that I need help and advice on marketing and obtaining investors. I recently switched gears with a part time cleaning business. I incorporated the new "green" trend in my business cards and business methods. Immediately I received postive responses. Green is definately the way to go with marketing and advertisement.\
      Now I have , what I think is a brilliant idea--but like many ideas in this fast paced world, there are porbably smilar products already in use. This could be marketed well enough to be more successful than any others already maybe in exsistance.
      I hate to give away my ideas, I have seen them stolen before. ---So, if anyone has experience in this related marketing field and business start up advice, I would appreciate a message.
      I do have 2 businesses at this time, so I am familiar with how to create a business. This idea involves more advertising than I am accustomed to.
      This would be a minimal investment. I believe the start up work would be in marketing and obtaining advertisers, which is what my idea is bascially about-advertising in a well known forum.