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    International Business Communication Help

    Crystal Newbie
      My business is based in Phoenix. We export technology and are currently testing out model out in one country in East Africa.

      We are facing a HUGE problem with communication.

      Phone, no problem. Email no problem.

      But we need a kind of workspace (a file, or a website) that can help organize our business plans' status. We need to be able to know what is being done on a day to day level, so our office in the US can be aware of what is going on.

      Does this make sence? It is a simple need of a virtual conference room whiteboard meeting that can be conducted over the span of a day.

      Anyone have an idea or solution?
        • Re: International Business Communication Help
          SamNam Wayfarer
          Hey Crystal,

          What I think would help you the most would be a Task or Workflow system. This will give you the tools to keep track of the day to day operations. You can also use our CRM solution that will help you keep track of Clients/Projects. Since our system is integrated, you can use CRM and Task together and keep everything in one place.

          Our solution is called StreetSmart and it's a virtual collaboration suite. It has features like Task, Email, CRM, File Sharing...Please email me or call me if you would like more information.

          Sam Namazikhah
          (818) 776-8080 ext. 241