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    The Best Honey on the Planet needs investment.

    Cosmo1947 Newbie
      Gates of Heaven Honey, Inc.

      In 2004, we made the move to go from an one hobby hive, to 200 productive, commercial hives. This year we will keep over 240 hives. We live here with our Bee's at 7,500 ft. a top the western slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

      Our bee's forage on 7,000 acres of Alfalfa, Clover and Sage in the prestine environment of the Benedictine Monastery of Old Snowmass,Colorado. We are the keepers, we build the boxes, we harvest and extract only the honey that is foraged in this untouched and virtually untraveled area. The Alfalfa, Sage,and Clover give this honey it' s Water White quality. A smooth taste with a sharp finish. Truly the finest flavor in honey available.

      Ah, the rub, we need investment capital to finance our growth. We figure that $20,000.00 will keep us on the store shelves and six of the finest restaurants in Aspen, Colorado.

      If you have an interest or just want to find out more about our product, call or write us:
      Thank you for your patronage.

      Gates of Heaven, Inc.
      e-mail: gates of
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          The Best Honey on the Planet, Welcome

          So your business started in 2004. Do you have an Accountant??
          How did you come up with 20K?? Prior year tax returns that I can see??
          Have you prepared a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read??
          How long do you need the finds for?? and How and When will you pay me back??

          Yes I will check out your web site, LUCKIEST
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            Milleisen Scout
            Hi Cosmo - Have you attempted to obtain financing on your own? For the amount you are asking for, it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch for a bank to consider it assuming your are profitable and have good personal credit. Don't worry about a business plan to present to a bank, a $20k request is unlikey to been scrutinized that much...all they want to see is income and credit.