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    Brick and Mortar, Online, and Other

    BRMcHenry Adventurer

      Been here just a few days and trying to learn what I can about marketing and growing my two businesses, but I notice so much of the activity is aimed at online promotion, online web sites, online services, and there seems to be very little for the tried and true store fronts? Am I missing something there or is the online focus simply because we're online and those with store fronts are too busy to be here?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I'd say that your assessment is accurate. For the first six months or so, the community was more like its statement of purpose -- business owners exchanging information. The way the site was promoted after that seem to draw in more emerging home-based and web-only operators, MLMs, people looking for loans, etc. Not that they aren't welcome, mind you, but it created more pitches (and scams), start-up questions, and requests for financial assistance.

          The knowledge base of the community seems to reflect that shift, as well. You see a lot of sweeping advice along the lines of "EVERY business owner MUST do this, EVERY website HAS to have this" that may be accurate for a one-person home-based on-line store, but not so much for a third generation multi-store brick-and-mortar operation with an established reputation, hundreds of employees, long running ad campaigns, etc. Of course, the only way to draw more storefront operatiors to the community is to have more discussions that are relevant to them. I hope you'll stick around and contribute!

          Best wishes.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Brick and Mortar, Online

            This is a GREAT web site Jim. I am SCORE Counselor (as you know) and this web site, SCORE
            and I can help you with marketing and growing your business.
            As far as focus on store fronts, the questions (posts) are very mixed.
            Some days there might be more online posts, other days people looking to start a business ,
            other days people looking for loans or investors.

            Ask your questions and lets see if we can help you,

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Brick and Mortar

              Jim I am striking out. I posted a reply. B of A did not accept it.

              Then I called your Restaurant. You were not there.

              Will try again Monday, LUCKIEST