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    who wants to invest. . .?

    rbm777 Wayfarer
      I need an investor or investors for my business, I have an idea how to get it started and im looking for an investor/investors looking to make a % of my business profits starting first year ... I am new to the idea but would like to try my own business. I have no start-up capitol and cannot 100% guarentee it will succeed. If you are interested in taking a gamble on an majority online business then email me at . Agian if the business doesnt succeed I CANNOT payback any investment so that means this will be a HIGH RISK INVESTMENT for YOU and is UNSECURED.... the only thing i have to offer is a % total profit of my business. % of profit and length of time payed out is to be determined with individuals that Email me. SERIOUS HIGH RISK INVESTORS only plz. I look forward to my business and our partnership (as investor/s) to be up and running soon. Thank you for your time and I am sure given the chance we both/all will be happy with the outcome..