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    Business license for online business

    Chrissylgg Newbie
      Maybe a little of a s.... question, but I am new to this, just bought my first webpage and I am wondering if I need a business license for my online store? I will be the only employee and of course bring it up on my next tax return. My friends say I don't need one as long I am online and have no employees.
      What is correct, do I need one and if so where do I get it? I live in Georgia.

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          BRMcHenry Adventurer
          It probably depends on where you live; and what the city \ county ordinances say. I can tell you that "IF" you ask the government they will say yes - so don't. I don't mean to suggest you violate the law but at this point you might just be engaging in a hobby and there is no need to get a business license for a hobby. If your sales take off and you have the need for a business account at B of A or wherever then certainly - get a business license and likely a Home Occupancy Permit for your new venture...but later is better then now.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Last Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had an article

            "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

            It might help you, LUCKIEST