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    Growing Family magazine needs investment or equity partner

    volusiafamily Newbie

      Hello ,


      My name is Sarah Romagnoli and I am the Publisher of Volusia/Flagler FAMILY LIVING Magazine, which is a print and online magazine serving the families of Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida. Our website is .


      Although I started the magazine on a shoestring, we have paid distribution at all the 7-11's, Food Lions, Winn Dixies, BlockBuster Videos and K-Marts in the area and in hundreds of professional offices and locally owned establishments throughout the two county area. We are also excited that we will be at the front offices of all of the schools and libraries as well.


      The magazine is free and is supported solely by advertisers. We would like to attract more local advertisers and more corporate accounts. We would also like to have more space devoted to articles.


      In order to have more space devoted to articles we need to have better paying advertisers.


      In order to have better paying advertisers we need to change our printing process so the magazine is more clean, clear and professional.


      In order to change our printing process we have to change printers.



      In order to change printers we need capital. (The printer we have been using works on terms with us and the "new" printer must be paid up front. The cost of the "better" process is actually less, but it must be paid in full and up-front).


      These changes will not only allow us to make the magazine exactly what we desire it to be, with more articles (able to have a greater impact on readers) and less advertising, but will also make it much more profitable by allowing us to charge a premium for the advertising and attract large regional and national advertisers.


      We have also, due to demand, expanded North into Flagler County . Palm Coast , the Largest city in Flagler County , is still growing rapidly and is a great place for families and businesses. In order to incorporate Flagler County , reach the families of Flagler County and advertise for the businesses in Flagler County , we must add to our distribution sites to include Flagler County .


      The only thing standing between us and a more professional magazine that is widely distributed and desired by advertisers, including regional and national companies (that pay well) is a modest amount of capital.


      I am looking to acquire $10k to $20k, from whatever source is available.


      My credit is terrible due to a divorce.


      I know that some places purchase future credit card payments. I have only been accepting credit cards for 2 months and have a monthly average of between $2500 and $3000 per month.


      What I am looking for is someone who believes in family values and wants to help a magazine that promotes those values, while earning a lucrative return on their investment either as a lender or equity partner.


      You can contact me at


      Thank You,