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    The Go To Network

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      Here in Naples I belong to an organization that is similar to BNI, however I think that it is better and will become the way of the future. Please read the below information about The Go To Membership ans feel free to go onto their website at 100% of our business has come from this network due members committing to use other members within the network for services and referrals. Any questions please e-mail me at

      Why do I need The GoTo Network?
      In today's economy, word of mouth referrals are now more important than ever before. Business publications (The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and The Economist) are now all eager to promote the virtues of business networking and the great importance of good old fashioned, word of mouth referrals! The timing is now perfect to become a Member of The GoTo Network! Many business people are eager to join local business network groups as an inexpensive means of increasing their business. The cost of conventional advertising continues to sky rocket, while the realistic return on the investment continues to decline. Why? Advertising has become more and more diluted. How many radio stations now compete for your attention, how many television channels? How many local phone books are available? The yellow book, the red book, the blue book, and do you even uses the yellow pages any more?

      Why join a business network group? It doesn't matter what type of business you are in. No one can deny that the best lead is always a word of mouth referral. Why? Well to begin, it is not a cold lead, like the lead you may receive through conventional "shotgun" advertising. A word of mouth referral is a lead generated through a common bond. A trusted source who has referred a friend, relative, neighbor, work associate or close contact to YOU! This offers the distinct advantage of beginning your relationship with trust, a common bond, and most important - THEY NEED YOU!
      What does this mean? Several things. First, you have a lead, someone who most likely needs your product or service NOW. Second, they already feel comfortable with you, thanks to your common bond (the person who has referred you). Third, they are much less likely to negotiate the cost of your goods or services (they already need you and trust you). The close ratio on a word of mouth referral far exceeds that of a lead obtained through traditional advertising means. The revenue on a word of mouth referral far exceeds that of a lead obtained through traditional advertising means. The likelihood of gaining additional referrals, from a word of mouth referral far exceeds that of a lead obtained through traditional advertising means. Finally, the cost of obtaining a word of mouth referral is always considerably less expensive (or free) compared to the cost of a lead obtained through traditional advertising means!
      Business network groups, offering weekly meetings and a strong personal bond developed over time, prove to be the most likely and most effective source of increasing ones word of mouth referral business. Yes, it does require a commitment. Bonding and trust cannot occur without spending "face to face" time with an individual. There is no shortcut to developing trust! The Internet, with all of its power and simplicity will never replace a personal "one on one" relationship. The internet will certainly compliment efficiency, communication, exposure and growth, but will never replace the human element.
      This brings us back to the initial question. *Why do I need The GoTo Network*? In the world of business networking, no other group offers all of the elements of The GoTo Network. Our face to face weekly meetings bond us as a group. Our Internet based website is the hub, connecting our chapters on a global scale. The tools and resources offered to our Members through our website are unmatched.
      What makes The GoTo Network unique in business networking? Other business network groups may offer one or even two of the following components of The GoTo Network. No other business network organization comes close to offering all five of these important components.
      What makes The GoTo Network different and better than any other business network group?
      1. All Members complete an annual, background check, for added assurance that you are dealing with a professional and trustworthy business person.
      2. Each Member displays a personal, profile page on our website, promoting their business to other Members and consumers.
      3. We drive consumers to our website and to our Members.
      4. Consumers are empowered by rating our Members after services have been rendered.
      5. Our Members are compensated for sponsoring new Members into The GoTo Network.