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    What do I have to do!!!

    CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
      Seriously! I'm getting endlessly frustrated trying to promote my website and sell advertising space. I run a site that helps people find things to do. Its a fairly new site but its got a descent amount of traffic thus far. Anyway's in order to generate some revenue I'm selling advertising on the side. I've chosen to skip traditional internet advertising methods of Cost Per Click of CPM or any other confusing method and just sell space by the month for a flat rate. I understand that my site is not huge yet and because of that I've priced my advertising space accordingly. Basically I'm willing to sell it for anything I can get for it. $10-20 per month. Thats ridiculously cheap!! its almost too cheap not to buy. But still I cant get any takers. I cant figure it out!! Its soo cheap that its not going to hurt anyone just to try it, yet still no responses.

      What do I have to do to get people interested in throwing up a cheap ad on my site. Its a cool site and with some time i think it can be really great.

      Any thoughts???

      Oh and if you want to take a look at the site its (most of our postings are in Fort Worth)

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          BRMcHenry Adventurer
          If you have traffic do not wait for people to put ads on your site, set up an affliliate network and post ads immediately. Google or Yahoo search affiliate web sites - there are tons of them. Spend some time on it though and select just one "network" that enables you to post ads of many different companies and earn a commission. Some pay only on sales, some pay on traffic (few) or click throughs. Once you start to see the small checks coming in you'll find it worth while.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            What do I have to do!!! Two thoughts

            One) Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you both in person
            or on line.

            Two) Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had a article

            "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

            One or both might help you, LUCKIEST
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              At first glance, the site seems to be going about things backward -- it's hard to sell advertising on a site that has no information, and therefore provides no reason for people to visit. For instance, I clicked on "night life" this week here in Austin, the (self-proclaimed) "live music capital of the world," and there was nothing at all! Why would a person here bookmark the site and use it as the source to see who is scheduled to perform in the many clubs around town? I don't think they would. And if no one is bookmarking the site and coming back week after week to visit, why would someone pay to advertise on it? They apparently aren't. I think the key to getting this thing rolling is to build and maintain the content the site is intended to provide in each of the six categories. It could really take off then. Otherwise, it's like starting a radio station with no programming (23 hours and 58 minutes of "dead air" interrupted by two 1 minute advertising spots). Won't work. Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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                  CoolHandMatt Wayfarer

                  No i definetly dont think that the the site is going about things backwards. I understand that without content you dont have any product to sell. If you take a closer look at my post I said that most of our events are posted in Fort Worth. This is where the site is based and where most of our marketing efforts have taken place. In austin we have a much weaker support base. This is because the site is new and we can only do one thing at a time. I should have focused on the point that the main spots im trying to sell are in the DFW area.

                  Even that being said I should also be able to sell ad space in other cities at a much cheaper price. 1-2bucks. That is what is frustrating.

                  I do understand the equation
                  Content = Traffic = Advertising
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                      jcwilde1 Newbie
                      You are going to have a very hard time with just that ad size, the highest paying ads are 300x250 and 728x90. Tall tower ad sizes and smaller IAB sizes are not going to give very much. Sometimes with smaller ad networks just 10 cents a thousand! Once you get more traffic then you can move up to a better ad network that will server better quality ads and have higher rates.

                      At first you may want to consider getting local bars and stuff to give your their calendar of events by hand and then you enter it in for them. Once you get content this way and people start using the site then the businesses will see the benefit and may take the effort to do it on their own.
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                          CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
                          Yea that is pretty much what I do. Doing all the leg work myself and posting ads on my own. Going door to doo however is not the most effective way or adding content to my site. Ive evne triend holding contests on CL that offer $$ to the best posts or being paid by submission and no dice. I cant figure it out.

                          Do you know of any ad networks that are small enough to serve a business like mine. Im haveing trouble even searching for them via google. I get a lot of junk sites when I search for ad networks of agencies
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                              jcwilde1 Newbie
                              Here are several, many of these may have higher traffic requirements it has been a while since I looked. On one of my sites I moved through 4 of these until I settled on Tribal Fusion with Burst! as a secondary.

                              Blue Lithium, Gorilla Nation, 24/7, Tribal Fusion (I like them but their traffic requirements are high), Burst Media, FastClick, ValueClick, Interclick, Adbright, CPX Interactive.

                              Some of them pay for CPM and some pay for CPC, CPM is always easier. You may want to try Adwords as well.
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                        JVCruz Adventurer
                        I would have to agree with Lighthouse on this; however, here are a few other suggestions.

                        I would remove the date as part of the search criteria/requirement. I tried it without a date (if I was planning a trip and didn't have a date in mind) and the site returned a VBScript runtime error. The content should have a few articles as to how to make the most of your time while in a particular city, weather outlook, "must see" sites, little known facts, etc. All should be done without requiring a date. You might want to have the mainpage feature a city and rotate the cities on a daily or weekly basis. You might want to set a cookie to have the site content rotate based on the visitor to the site. You would still need to put some sort of content.

                        As far as advertising space: I would get the content and running of your site (w/o errors) done first. After that, next, I would contact businesses in those cities and offer them a spot for free (as a trial period). This would give you the right to use their graphics and images (in most cases), this in turn would give your site more useful content. The trial period should be apprx. 3 to 6 months. Enough time to allow the businesses/companies time to evaluate the value of your service. You may also look for sponsors of your site which can benefit from it (and vice versa). Say for instance travelocity,, chamber of commerce, etc.

                        Overall, Lighthouse's point makes sense and Content is key to attracting visitors AND advertisers alike.

                        JV Cruz
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                            jcwilde1 Newbie
                            You need traffic before you can sell ad spots, I couldn't get a traffic report on the site, which probably means it is really low.

                            My suggestion is to find a smaller ad network like burst media or even smaller, sign with them and start getting ads on the site. Also, I don't know where your ads are going, advertisers want to see clearly identified ad spots usually in IAB standard sizes. Once you have this worked out and higher traffic then you can start selling. Don't waste your time selling spots directly until your traffic approaches 50k visits a month or more.
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                                CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
                                Hey thanks a lot jcwilde. Ill check out burst media. I definetly understand that traffic is the key to puzzle. Useful Content = Traffic = Advertising etc.

                                I will tell you that our ad slots are in compliance with the IAB standards for a medium rectangle 180X150px

                                Thanks again for the response.
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                                CoolHandMatt Wayfarer

                                I do appreciate the comments I understand that content is the key to the puzzle. That error you speak of is something that we are aware of and are working on fixing. Also the improvements that you are talking about are already in the works. Its just a matter of time and money. Adding things such as a restraunt guide and a movie and film guide. More categories etc etc. All of those things are planned as future improvements.

                                Thanks for the comments.
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                                JBarretto Newbie
                                Hey Matt

                                My name is John Barretto. I am the CEO of Correlation Consultants LLC. We are a sales Consulting Company. I stared the company with the idea of selling ad space, just like you. As time went by I dicided to shift my foccus. I dicided to put the ads on my site for free and everybody wins. My clients only pay for the products/service they requested. my clients dont pay for my sales consulting service.
                                Check out my site Feel free to contact me.


                                John Barretto
                                CEO & President
                                Correlation Consultants LLC