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    Seeking Business Opportunity

    shirley1030 Newbie


      How to expand China market? Are there any problems in communication with Chinese? What can we do for you?


      First, for China market, considering Chinese language habits, we will translate your company information and products materials into Chinese, in order to make them more easily for Chinese enterprises to understand. Second, Rent network space or service in China, according to Chinese language habits to make local website. It is effective for foreign company to marketing in China. Finally, Publish advertisement information in main B2B website and Search engine in China.


      Name of Company: IEM Information Technology Co., Ltd.


      Ways to Contact Us: Phone: 86-451-82628901, Fax: 86-451-82628902, MSN:, E-mail:, Address:No.65 Changjiang Road, Nangang District, Harbin, China