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    How to Develop a World Class Marketing Model

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Below are tips
      on how you can roll up your sleeves and begin to develop a world class
      marketing model.

      know your clients.* In order to develop successful marketing messages you have
      to get up close and personal with your clients. In addition to the demographic
      details you want to know their interests, hobbies, types of purchases, buying
      habits/patterns and more. The more you know about your present client, the
      better your communication and your ability to find new customers just like
      them. You can capture your client information in a database for easier
      analysis. There are even third party vendors who can analyze your data and
      provide detailed written descriptions for you.

      your clients.* All of your clients will not be exactly the same. They will
      differ in age, gender and buying characteristics. It's critical to separate
      your client file into like minded groups. You can then create specific messages
      for each client segment.

      directive messaging.* Once you understand your clients you will be prepared to
      acquire other clients just like them. Use your detailed client profiles to
      create very specific messages to that client personality type. The messaging
      should attach your product or service to their needs and the way they think and

      *It's all about
      them.* Minimize
      the use of "we" and "us" in your marketing messages. Clients do not care about
      "we" they care about them. Ensure that all of your communications are client
      focused and not a platform all about you. Put yourself in their shoes and think
      of their wants and needs and create messages that speak to that.

      *Test your
      It's important to test your messaging. Change one thing and measure the impact
      of the change. Develop metrics that enable the entire company to measure the
      change. As you test over and over you will develop little changes that will
      soon add up to larger changes.


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