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    Marketing for a bigger cause

    SafeKids Newbie

      After 4 years in the safety business, we have realized that the best way to reach families about their loved ones safety is to partner with a bigger company to provide the resources for free.

      We have developed a unique marketing program that allows sponsors to brand our ID kits with their logo, receive a custom webpage in the software and provide inserts such as coupons with every kit.

      We've tried it on a local level and it has been greatly succesful. We now have a national nonprofit partner who wants to provide this in every state, we now need the funding.

      A national sponsor would make this vital program a reality.

      Does anyone have suggestions as to what companies might be interested in joining this effort? And equally important would be the right contact person. You can get a foot in the door and end up with the wrong person who will say no without considering the potential.

      This is a great marketing tool, but more impotantly a vital safety program. It is win-win for all involved and we know it works...... our families and clients have said so.

      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.