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    Is Anyone Interested In Forming A Network?

    paperworxny Wayfarer
      Hello fellow BOA Entrepreneurs! I am interested in forming some new connections in an effort to strengthen the Small Business Community. For over 2 years I have watched and researched the marketing industry and it is such a big business now that you literally have to pay for "impressions". I wrote a small article in my blog about Good Ol' Fashioned Mom & Pop businesses. The internet is taking over and it can be used to our advantage.

      A little bit about Paper Worx NY:

      We provide small business services to new and established entrepreneurs. Our mission is to assist in all development and structuring of a new or revamping business. We provide basic services even down to the designing and layout of logos/artwork and marketing material.

      About Our Affiliations:

      We are interested in establishing a solid networking system whereby services and/or products are promoted by and on any Affiliates website.

      There is no charge for networking! Just one small business to another.

      If you are interested in becoming a new network contact, please feel free to contact me.

      Paper Worx NY
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Is Anyone Interested In Forming A Network

          Yes I am interested in new connections and Forming a Network.

          • What is the next step?? We like "NO CHARGE" Is that like FREE??*

          Will contact you, Thanks, LUCKIEST
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            BoldAcq Newbie

            More info would be good.

            Bold Acquisitons
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                paperworxny Wayfarer
                Hi BoldAcq,

                I am interested in forming solid affiliations to do a two-way promotion. I checked out your website and your company offers a service that Paper Worx NY is in dire need of. However, my marketing budget is nearly non-existent. My goal is to form connections the old fashioned way - just ask other businesses if they are interested in spreading the word as I would do the same for them (a technique that is on a life line).

                Paper Worx NY assists new and small businesses in starting out or revamping. We offer services from graphic designing to business plans. We also have a personal projects department whereby we handle invitations, t shirt prints, slideshows and much more, which over the past has proven to be very useful to entrepreneurs in various businesses (real estate, non-for-profits, etc.).

                Please check out the site for more information on what we do. and let me know if you are interested or if there is a possibility for a mutual connection.
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    Affiliations and partnerships and word of mouth referrals are great however, you need to get money for marketing. It is the most important line item in your company budget after launch equal to new product pipeline/R&D.

                    You freely admit that these techniques are 'on a lifeline' but are still resistant to budgeting for a successful marketing campaign. Am I missing something in your post?
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                        paperworxny Wayfarer
                        Hi DomainDiva,

                        I do have a marketing budget and I do market my business but not at the pace that I am comfortable with. It can be a little frustrating. I do a lot of word of mouth and am in the process of working on a direct mail campaign. I also do a lot of internet marketing. Recently, I signed up for SEO and it's improved my site traffic and that is working well for business. Right now my goal is to establish some internet relationships and circulate in online networks. I'm at the stage of growing my business and very serious about it at this point.
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                    Tracker123 Newbie
                    Hi Karen,

                    I'm a distributor for new and innovative GPS tracking device. This single device has several applications, be it theft protection, teenage driver safety, or really knowing where your business vehicles are, fleet management. This device works on just about anything with wheels - cars, trucks, semi-trailers, motorhomes, motorcyles. Fully programable ... don't want your teenage driver or employees driving over a specific speed limit, remotely control door locks, starter interrupt, and geofence. If vehicle is moved from where you have it geofenced to, instant notification. Many, many applications and an extra plus is an instant discount on your insurance. I market locally and working on the final details to a six month aggressive campaign on the internet. I would welcome all positive thoughts and advise. Would love to join your network. Looking forward to your reply.

                    Linda aka Tracker123