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    Does anyone have any knowledge of the B2G Institute?

    geobiz Wayfarer
      Hello everyone, I am still very new to this forum but from reading other questions and comments I have learned alot. I hope to be able to contribute more in the future.

      My drilling business is just over a year old. To increase my business I am looking into selling my services directly to the federal government as a small business set aside and teaming with a larger business for the services that I cannot provide (instead of being a sub contracter on these jobs).

      I am considering taking a 3 day workshop,and getting support for 1 year, from the B2G Institute (How to win government contracts for your business). I am very interested but their specialty seems to be all over the place (i.e. large businesses, small businesses, individuals). They say they teach you to do many different things that involve selling to the federal government.

      Does anyone have any knowledge of the B2G Institute, training programs, counseling services?
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