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    Help me Educate Myself in Running a Successful Business!

    LoveLife Newbie

      I come from a working class family, and have been conditioned very much in a working class mindset - Don't excel, don't outshine anyone, keep your head low, earn just enough to pay the bills, millionaire's are greedy etc. To be frank, I've had enough. I have been actively studying full time for the past four years to develop my natural talents as an Actor/Singer, but here the problem lies. There are plenty of talented performers out there who have put in an equal amount of effort, but never get anywhere because they are not business minded - they give up their dreams because it all seems too hard. I know the next step on my path to success is to learn the entrepreneur mindset, for this I need help. I have found an amazing course that guarantees success x3, I have just spent 46 hours over the past three days learning the concepts at base level, and would now like to partake in the 12 month program. If I could get an Investor to help pay for this $30,000 course, I know I have the commitment and drive to put the content into action.

      I am actively seeking help not only for myself, but for my family. I would rather educate myself and succeed, than pass on the example that life has to be a struggle, to my future generations. What goes around comes around - any help will come back in your favour one day, I just know it.

      If you can help, Or have any idea's as to how I can raise the funds ASAP, please post a reply.

      Thank you for the time you have given to read this message.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Help me Educate Myself in Running a Successful Business, Welcome

          Tell me more. Where are you?? I also believe "what goes around comes around"

          That is why I am a SCORE Counselor. To help other (like myself) succeed.

          Tell me more about this course. Where it is being given?? How long??

          And How and When will you be paying me back??

          Tell me $30,000 more, LUCKIEST

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              LoveLife Newbie
              Wow, thanks for your fast response! I am located in Sydney, Australia.

              The course is the Platinum Business Mastery with Empowernet. It is run over the course of a year. The creator/mastermind is Dr Marc Dussault. If you'd like to check out the website it is...

              The aim of the course is to 'Unleash Exponential Growth and Profitability in your business or business practise'. Like I said in the previous email, I've just attended Empowernet Boot camp, which was three intensive days learning many different business strategies at base level. What this guy is teaching is unlike anything I've ever heard before, I really believe that he can help take me to where I want to be.
              I need to think outside the square...

              I have faith that I could pay you back with in six months. I'd like to put some of the strategies in place of earning money over the Internet also... then start to invest in property in Tasmania (Australia), once I get a higher cash flow. I've been chatting to Roger Leang, from Viva Properties, Tassie real estate is ripe for the picking - it's just about to go into a massive boom.

              So, let me know what you think...

              Thanks again for your time and effort in this situation, I'm absolutely blown away.

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              I think your starting point should be to take what this 12 month course/program purports to teach you (what business, how it makes money, the market potential etc.) and put that into a business plan. That way you have something concrete to show investor prospects or funding sources. They will need to see that the business is viable, that you are a person that can execute the plan and provide them a return on their investment. In general, Business Plans consist of the following:


              • Executive Summary


              • Market Opportunity


              • Vision, Mission, & Objectives


              • Management


              • Business Strategy


              • Competition


              • Risk


              • Financial Plan/Capital Requirements


              • Summary


              As Luckiest says, SCORE is a good organization to help entrepreneurs with planning and launching their business. You may want to discuss that with Luckiest, as he is a SCORE counselor.


              Once you have your plan done, if it is solid and the business a viable opportunity and if you have good credit you may be able to get bank funding if you have the right collateral that they'll probably want.


              You also may be able to find a local "Angel" investor who would provide some funding for you. You can search online for "angel investors" and you will find a number of resources and web sites that will help you find angel investors.


              Most Angels that you find that way may be more interested in high growth businesses and larger transactions. Your best bet may be to check locally for smaller "angel" type investors that want to put smaller amounts of money into a business of your type. You can find more information online and on this site by searching for "angel investors" or "help finding money for my business" or other search terms similar to that.


              As for additional education on starting and running a business. There is a lot of good information and "business start-up" help to be found on this site from some of the professionals that participate in the community. Do a search for that and read more to get additional feedback that will help you.

              Good luck and best wishes to you,
              Dennis Lowery
              Adducent, Inc.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                This may be a silly question, but if the course guarantees a three-fold return, why doesn't the course provider offer financial assistance? In other words, if I was sure that one of my training programs would do that, not only would I charge $30K to attend -- I'd LOAN qualified attendees the $30K, and then charge them interest on the loan. More of them would be able to attend, and I'd make a lot more money in the long run.