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    Mia Bella Candles Business FREE 300 Leads & Sources

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      By Following Our Basic Business Rules, you can generate income in
      many ways from online to offline. It's all about how you want to
      run your very own Candle Business.

      Retail: You can contact local small business services in your area or
      Nationwide about selling our products or the ultimate goal is to get
      them to Sign Up as a Candle Distributor.

      Wholesale: You can sell wholesale by doing home parties, open houses,
      meetings, craft shows, vendor shows, etc. You can also pass out
      our literature or business cards with small zip lock mini's samplers
      with your Candles Website, contact name and phone number.
      It's called our smell and sell technology scent sales.

      Fundraiser: Contact local schools, sporting, and park district associations
      and send them out our fundraiser packet. Fundraisers are a very huge
      income potential with this business.

      Residual: Create residual income by recruiting or sponsoring others in to
      the Candle Home Business. If they are not interested in the business
      part you can show them how they can save 50% or 30% off our our
      Candles and other discounts on our Product Lines.

      Our Gourmet Candle Home Business offers...
      A gourmet 100% Natural candle that is a step above the rest!
      Candles that are premium, triple scented, longer lasting and biodegradable
      (they clean up with soap and water).
      Candles that are made with 100% natural wax ingredients.

      No black residue on your jars, walls or ceilings.

      A fun and unique business opportunity.

      Over 100 scents with new aromatic scents added each month.

      A wonderful new line of bath and body products.

      A home business for less than $50 (Company website included).
      A stable and exciting opportunity...Less than 10,000 Distributors
      nationwide and in Canada. Join one of the most successful teams in the
      company. This means valuable support and training for you and your

      Your Company Candle Home Business Website Will Look Like This:
      +****SIGN UP TODAY & RECEIVE:* +
      + +
      *IN TO THIS BUSINESS! ****
      + +
      +***FREE Internet Marketing Courses & Ebook* +
      + +
      ***Achieve Diamond Level & Receive: YOUR Website Rotated FREE!!+ *</</em>
      *PLUS A FREE Listing On My Home Party Consultant Site++
      +*Per YOUR State & City! *+

      Cheryl Pope
      Diamond Distributor - Team Leader*