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    Has anyone tried Door to Door Advertising?

    KingSol Newbie
      Are there any companies or individuals that you are aware of that offer door to door advertising at affordable rates, and high quality of services? The only one I know of is

      Please let me know it there are others?


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Door to Door Advertising, Have you tried

          Facebook Pages

          Represent your business, band, product and more by creating a distinct and customized profile.
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            BRMcHenry Adventurer
            I printed a nice flyer, and paid a boy scout group to deliver it door to door. Cheap and effective and they used the money for a good cause.
            • Has anyone tried Door to Door Advertising?
              FullAccessExp Adventurer

              Hi There,


              We have several economical flyer distribution options available. I've outlined 3 of the most popular programs. With a tight economy, and more people hanging on to their money we have to motivate customers in the door. Let our professional flyer distribution street team help you!



              OPTION 1: Bulk-Drop flyer distribution in a designated commercial area of your choice within a 15 mile radius. We'll get your flyers into lifestyle shops, supermarkets, gyms, barbers/salons, restaurants, laundromats, daycare centers, gas stations, etc. We'll target potential consumers at their trusted vendors.


              OPTION 2: Hand-to-Hand flyer distribution at busy locations; downtown, parades, concerts, conventions, farmer's markets, bus/train stops, etc.


              OPTION 3: Door-to-Door flyer distribution in a designated residential or commercial area of your choice. Targeted zipcodes must be within 15 mile radius.


              With any option you choose you'll receive a detailed event recap complete with consumer feedback, key learnings from the Field Market Manager and 10-15 photos of your program/event execution.




              Please call (800) 231-7814 for current rates in your area.


              Our Brand Ambassadors are attractive professionals that will positively represent your brand with product/service training prior to your event. They are uniformed in Khaki pants with a white or black shirt and comfortable shoes. If you provide us with a branded T-Shirt, hat, or other apparel then, your branded gear will be worn during distribution.Rates include labor, event reporting, gas, tolls, parking, and misc. expenses. Please allow up to 7 business days for distribution.


              NOTE: Discounts of 10% are provided to customers booking cluster/multiple distribution exceeding $1,500. We welcome your business and look forward to working with you. You may contact any of our reps to book your flyer distribution.



              Naomi J. Rodriguez
              New Business Development
              Full Access Experiential
              Toll Free:800-231-7814

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                FullAccessExp Adventurer


       Call: (800) 231-7814 can offer you door-to-door flyer distribution plus one better. We have a cluster of DVD Rental Kiosk in lifestyle shops in the Central Florida area. We're able to offer you either static ads or multimedia on screen ads. Interested? Read on...



                Rent hot new releases of your favorite movie while you grocery shop, gas up, or drop off your dry cleaning. Simply, rent your DVD ToGo!



                It's fast, affordable, and best of all convenient. Consumers swipe their credit card to pay the $2.49 per night rental fee. The DVD can be returned to any DVD ToGo Kiosk. Renting a DVD has never been easier. Stop making special trips to big chain stores. Why wait for a DVD to come in the mail? DVD ToGo is always available whenever you want to watch a movie.


                The convenience of DVD ToGo appeals to both males and females. Our consumers are primarily urban, 18-45, decision makers, own a credit card, and highly regard convenience and value. You'll enjoy a captive audience by advertising on our kiosks. We're able to offer you both static and multimedia ads. Additionally, we customize data capture opportunities to create hot, qualified leads. Coupon and/or flyer insert programs are also available. You'll be able to target specific demographics by inserting your sales collateral in traditionally ‘guy movies' or ‘chic flicks'. Flyer Distribution, Door Hanger Distribution and customized programs delivered by Check out our YouTube Channel at: Website: E-Mail:

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                  MarysBabyBoys Newbie
                  We also use and for the last 5 years their services have been top notch. One other company that we used was FlyerDirect and they too were a very reilable service. Good Luck!!
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                    MinnesotaGuy Newbie
                    If you are looking in the Minneapolis St Paul area we make door to door deliveries every day. Prices vary from 4 to 25 cents per home depending on the area you wish flyered. Door to door works well for service businesses, retailers or any customer looking to make an impact and to reach certain neighborhoods as you can select the parts of town you want delivered and a flyer on a door will stand out from the competition.


                    Mike from Minnesota
                    Independent Delivery Service
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                      vnavguys Tracker
                      I had a local service company that I used door to door type of advertising. I had a "unique" flyer that I used with very good results. I guess it would depend on your value proposition and what type of product or service you sell. I based mine on the number of flyers I would put out verses the number of phone calls I received, purely statistical.
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                          MinnesotaGuy Newbie
                          The key to deciding how well door to door will work for you is to determine your cost for delivery and then see if you deliver say 10,000 homes whether or not it makes sense that the payback will be there. For example if you are selling siding and your average sale is $12,000. How many leads do you need to make a sale and will you get enough quality leads to make it all worth while? If it costs $1200 to deliver 10,000 flyers and $240 to print them you have spent $1440.00 and lets say you make three sales with a total price of $36,000. assuming a normal markup the delivery probably makes sense. I have had response rates from 30% to zero for customers. The 30% was 9,000 coupons redeemed out of 30,000 delivered for a free pint of strawberries for a grocery store grand opening. Considering each of these folks probably filled a shopping cart this worked out okay for the grocer. I had a tree trimmer forget to put his phone number on the flyer and somehow it was my fault when he got zero calls. The fact that he had delivered several other times with me and he had a enough calls to keep his crews busy when he remembered to put the phone number on the flyers didn't seem to count. Of course he was angry becuase he spent a bunch of money on a glossy 4 color flyer and then didn't put his phone number on it. Not the brightest bulb on the string. The flyer design is important and delivering the right neighborhoods is also a key element.

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                          edusmart Newbie
                          We tried door to door advertizing. We still believe it is the most effective form to get in front of our customers. We have tried several other avenues for flyer distribution by participating in targeted events. We have done door-to-door once before and we have gotten about 1/2 % response rate. That was respectful for what we wanted to accomplish. We'd like to keep trying this and keep it as part of our advertising mix. In future attempts, we might try variations in flyer design/texture and improved incentives for action and better targeting to begin with.
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                            GoAdUnlim Wayfarer
                            There is another Great company, they distribute flyers as well as design and print nationwide.
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                              raffledog Adventurer
                              Has anyone used it to advertise to businesses? I wonder if hanging these outside of businesses early in the morning would be a good technique.