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    Website Creation Question

    faiths13 Newbie
      I am looking into creating an information website that allows users to leave reviews and also has a forum. I would like to start this website for either free or very inexpensively. Can anyone direct me to where I can find someone to help me create this website or a program or company that can help me inexpensively. Thanks!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Last Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had an article

          "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

          It might help you, LUCKIEST
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            IAmSpartacus Adventurer
            There are many no/low cost options available. The degree to which you'll be able to leverage them will depend upon the complexity of your requirements and general level of comfort level with and knowledge of technology.

            The first option that may work for you is to create a free site at Ning ( This is a completely free web site that you can use to develop social networking sites that include some of the features you mentioned. This requires next to zero technical skills and if it meets your needs than you're done.

            A step up from there would be to use WordPress (, which requires a bit more technical know-how but is a pretty powerful framework.

            Finally, there are free, open-source frameworks available that have a bit of a learning curve to them. They include Drupal, Joomla, and DotNetNuke. For any of these, you'll need a web hosting account from a provider (that should cost less than $10 per month). In each case, you can find hosts that specialize in one or more of those open source frameworks and you can generally set up a "blank" web site with a few clicks. Then, it's a question of getting over the learning curve in order to get those systems to do what you want them to do.

            Best of luck
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                faiths13 Newbie
                Thanks for the responses and the links. They are much appreciated. I dont know if Im so much looking for a community type site. The forum isnt something that will be important to me to have as much as the reviews. Im thinking of a site where I will have lots of articles, faq's a directory and reviews with the forum just as a plus. I will look into those sites though.
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                Bridge Navigator

                offers very lost cost hosting with a bunch of free add-on programs that can be installed automatically - including a forum.

                I installed the forum myself for one of my sites - you can view at

                I wrote my originaly "basic" web site with MS publisher (yes, thats right). I eventually upgraded to MS Expression web. Both have web site templates that you can easily modify.

                Hope this help.
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                  webmasters Adventurer
                  You might benefit from using a content management system.
                  Check with your web host provider a CMS maybe included with your hosting plan.

                  Hope this helps.
         call 1-858-605-0942
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                    leolazarus Wayfarer
                    i can help

                    fully function site
                    content managment
                    unique design
                    under $500
                    up and running in 3 days

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                      intechspecial Ranger
                      My company offers free web design services.

                      The only requirement is that you have to establish that you have done something for your community, a cause, or made a positive impact to society in some way, no matter how small.

                      If you can provide evidence of this, you are eligible for my free services, and may contact via my company home page


                      You also may call me directly. Mike Stratton(330)802-0285 Cell.


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                        blitzlocal Adventurer
                        You might also try Drupal or Joomla-- both are easy to install.
                        If you want someone to do that for you, post a project on or
                        won't cost you more than $30 to get done. Cheap!

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                            NMStudio Newbie
                            Hi Dennis, one question, what's the idea behind a cheap site like that, I mean, 30 bucks? from my point of view that's not good, under those terms and business area, cheap means bad and low quality, is like if you want to have a web application that will make money for you, how someone can expect to have a good profit, is like the guy how's asking to have a good and decent website for 50 bucks, and he needs that because he sells some product to people who spent more than 2k USD per product, no sense at all, I can understand local economies around the world, but if you or someone else expects quality then pay the right price for that, this is the problem in our business this days.



                            P.S.: No offense intended, just an opinion.

                            Arturo Civit
                            The NewMediaStudio

                            Web & Search Engine Optimization Manager
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                                sellingitall Wayfarer
                                It does not take money to make money in all things. That is part of the whole point of open source. If the shopping cart is free it does not make it means that a whole community of users have developed a cart platform and have not taken payment for their work. If you found something that had A & B and you knew you could easily add C to have everything you need then using the open source cart and improving it is all you need. The next user might need AB&C and be able to easily add D to the cart and so on.

                                Many of the open source carts....or really any open source application can be better then the paid services. I use Thunderbird instead of Outlook and it was free. I do not have Word, Excel, Powerpoint....I just downloaded Open Office and love it and can still open and save all the MS formats.....and Open Office is free. So, while it might take time to make money....with an open source cart you dont have to spend money just to make it ;-)

                                Now...some of the carts might not come with a great design or great design options (although you can buy off-the-rack templates which look amazing) or you might need some custom development for your cart....but you might also find some easy "how to" steps from the open source community to get what you need. Again, even if you spend money do not confuse cost with quality :-) You never need to go with the cheapest quote out there...but going for the most expensive wont be that great of an option either some times.
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                                    sellingitall Wayfarer
                                    oh...and if you do use the cheap freelancers or contracts or are worried about having outside progrmamers work on your live site and risk crashing it or a loss of data...or if you just want to protect your site while you make changes you can check out which is a webapplication for joomla, wordpress, and others....its can copy your live site and create a development sandbox to work on and test and publish your changes back to your live site without any techy background or skills needed.
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                                qammar Newbie

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                                  sglewis Newbie
                                  Depending on the complexity of your requirement, my company can help you out. Please send an email to Thank you.
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                                    allcars Adventurer

                                    Hi I would recommend as your web site host for several reasons. They are low cost for their hosting packages and most likely include the features (forum, site templates, etc,) you need within their start-up plans. The best thing and the reason I use them (, is that they offer 24/7 help from REAL PEOPLE that most always have the right answer to your problem on the first call.
                                    Good luck
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                                      intechspecial Ranger
                                      I think this was a bogus post as faiths13 started this thread Jan 10 2008 and has not replied since then.
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                                        totogo Wayfarer

                                        I think this information can be useful for you. If you want your own website, fast and free, here is a good free web hosting provider to choose -

                                        They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have a cPanel control panel which is very useful and an easy to use website builder. In addition, there is not any kind of advertising on your web pages.

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                                          intechspecial Ranger
                                          faiths13 -

                                          Where are you?

                                          We are all interested in how your project is coming along.

                                          Please respond if you are able.

                                          Hope business is treating you well.
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                                            MoveForward Scout
                                            I am confused. Your bio shows you have a site.
                                            After reviewing your site it shows (bottom) how
                                            you can create a free site.