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    Looking for Effective & Affordable Advertising?

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      Nationwide Direct Marketing is the answer for all of your Door To Door Advertising needs. I am a media buyer for clients large and small. If your business needs include targeting consumers at home, this may be the most effective company in the door to door industry. This company has a reputation for developing and executing targeted door to door ad campaigns nationwide. They recently completed a project for one of our Airline clients, and it produced excellent returns. Check them out on the web at

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          Looking for Effective & Affordable Advertising

          Will check out the web site.

          tell us more. Go to Members page and share some info
          • Effective & Affordable Advertising?
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   can offer you door-to-door flyer distribution plus one better. We have a cluster of DVD Rental Kiosk in lifestyle shops in the Central Florida area. We're able to offer you either static ads or multimedia on screen ads. Interested? Read on...


            Rent hot new releases of your favorite movie while you grocery shop, gas up, or drop off your dry cleaning. Simply, rent your DVD ToGo!



            It's fast, affordable, and best of all convenient. Consumers swipe their credit card to pay the $2.49 per night rental fee. The DVD can be returned to any DVD ToGo Kiosk. Renting a DVD has never been easier. Stop making special trips to big chain stores. Why wait for a DVD to come in the mail? DVD ToGo is always available whenever you want to watch a movie.


            The convenience of DVD ToGo appeals to both males and females. Our consumers are primarily urban, 18-45, decision makers, own a credit card, and highly regard convenience and value. You'll enjoy a captive audience by advertising on our kiosks. We're able to offer you both static and multimedia ads. Additionally, we customize data capture opportunities to create hot, qualified leads. Coupon and/or flyer insert programs are also available. You'll be able to target specific demographics by inserting your sales collateral in traditionally ‘guy movies' or ‘chic flicks'.


            Naomi J. Rodriguez
            New Business Development
            Full Access Experiential
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