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    Unreliable and dishonest employees

    jodiego7 Newbie
      Here's a good one for you out there in the small business community. I work for a small production company, (3 employees and the owner) and the new guy is getting away with murder. Having been on both sides of the street in my past I know when something is not right. This new guy started about 6 months ago and has done nothing but cost the company money. From the onset he has proven his unreliability and dishonesty over and over again on a day to day basis. From padding the timecards to get more hours in to using the equipment for his own personal gain, he does it all. The problem is this, it is very hard for me to accept all the BS, his BS. The "I can't," "it wont," to the excuses for his absences are running very thin. I have let the boss know all this and his response is, "It sure is hard to find good help," and "they are all like that." So I take it that I'm being told to mind my own and do what I do best...being an exceptional worker. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Unreliable and dishonest employees, Welcome

          Those are fighting words. there is a big difference between UNRELIABLE and DISHONEST.

          *You work for a Small company. It really is the owners problem.*<br /<br />*I can understand that **it is very hard for you to accept. BE CAREFUL*<br /<br />So were do you go from here??

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            Bluesuit Adventurer

            How frustrating to work with incompetent people. If you've already told your boss this - - and your boss is keenly aware of this person's performance - -I'm not sure what else you can do. Have you tried telling your boss the impact this is having on team morale and overall productivity? If you have and the boss still refuses to address - I'm not sure what more you can do except leave and get a new boss!
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              Vince Adventurer
              jodiego7, welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about your situation. That must be very frustrating. Hopefully management will realize this person is weighing down the company's productivity and rectifies the problem quickly. Hang in there jodiego7.

              Best of luck and I hope to hear from you again
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                BizBurrito Wayfarer
                Yours is a very umfortunate situation. It sounds like your boss isn't a very good manager. He may interpret your input as "sour grapes," or may just prefer to not deal with the situation to avoid confrontation. Some personality types also believe that if they ignore the situation, it will go away.

                You obviously have some righteous issues, and I would strongly suggest that - since you have already spoken to your boss about the situation - you find another job. it is always easier to find a job while you still have one. The situation will most likely not change, and you have to weigh whether or not it is worth your time and frustration in worrying about it.

                Good luck!
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                  DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                  It sure sounds as if you have done all you can do. Personally, I don't think I would want to work for an employer that is so non-chalant when it comes to such blatant abuses by employees. Being such a small company one would think this person's behavior would be obvious to all and instantly addressed by management. The fact that nothing is being done would scream to me, time to leave this place!

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                    Time to do the wall street walk-- just leave if you can't get satisfaction. It's a losing game to continue playing if it's favoritism that matters at the company.
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                      businessSIR Adventurer
                      Hi Jodiego, sounds like this employee is not worth the time and effort put into him being hired. I am a loss prevention investigator and have my own business, Business SIR (Security, Intelligence, Research). The one thing that your boss will have to look at is any loss of profits or theft due to this employee. If you really feel that dishonesty is leading to illegal activities, and some times it does, then check out my web site. and if you have any more questions contact me through the info page or through here. If the employee is really padding his time card that is flat out time theft. I have seen companies prosecute people for it, it is a serious offense. I hope this situation comes to a close and things come out for the best.