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    Art for Businesses

    LauranChilds Newbie
      Hi, I'm an artist and would like to provide more art for businesses, including art to rent. Do you have any idea who the best person is to approach in a business for this? I imagine the CEO is, but don't think they're the easiest people to approach directly - who would likely make decisions like this in the company?

      Also, am interested in approaching sectors like lawyers, any ideas of mailing lists/publications to approach?

      Incidentally I offer 10% cash commission on sales, paintings right now are up to $20,000 - please feel free to view my site at


      Lauran in Miami.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Art for Businesses, Welcome Lauran in Miami.

          How long have you been in business?? Go to Members page and share more info

          I will check out your site.

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            Milleisen Scout
            Hi Lauran - Depending on how big the firms are that you are approaching, there may be people in charge of office decor/furnishings. When I worked for a bank, that was certainly the case. Your best bet would be to call the headquarters and ask to speak to the person who handles office decor & furnishing. If you are approaching small firms, you obviously will have to deal with the principals.

            I'd imagine that your best bang for your advertising buck would be to approach new firms, since they may be in the process of piecing their office together and will be recpetive to what you are offering. I know there is a way to find new businesses, as I got a call from every merchant processing company from here to China, perhaps someone else on this foum can help with that.

            As far as business prospect lists to buy, they are readily available. Companies like InfoUSA will allow you to create a list specific to your needs. I've used VistaPrint, which not only allows you to buy a list, but you can create marketing materials and they will print and mail them for you.

            Best of luck!
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              paperworxny Wayfarer
              Hi Lauren,

              I looked at your site and I love your work. I think you should create a catalogue or brochure and do a direct mailing to these companies. Also, do not limit yourself to just large firms. Try small shops, small businesses, etc. You never know who will be interested in your product.

              I saw that your site is under construction, what are your intentions for it? Maybe a flash gallery would be a nice feature for your site.

              The contact person for what you are asking would most likely be in management in the human resources department. They may not be able to make a final decision but they work closely with the people in the organization that do make such decisions.

              Paper Worx NY