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    Winning With Google Adwords for Startups

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      relevance, relevance.* Google rewards you for being relevant, and they let people who are
      searching vote for you. How do you and Google know if your ad is relevant?
      Simple. If your ad is clicked, it's relevant. If it isn't, it's not.

      *Survival of the most
      clicked.* It's a
      jungle out there, and the one with the most clicks survives. The more people
      who click on your add (that is, the higher your click through rate) the less
      you have to pay for the position you want. But if your ads don't see action,
      Google will make you pay more to get them to show at all.

      *Mindreading is the
      name of the game.*
      It's sounds so simple to say that the way to win with Adwords is to make sure
      that your ads and content are relevant to the keywords you have bid on. Here's
      the twist: Your message must match what the person who is searching is
      thinking. Write an ad that exactly matches how your prospects think about what
      they are looking for, and you will way outstrip the competition.

      To end up with winning Google
      ads, start with imagining that you are your customer. What are the words you
      type into the search bar on Google to see the ad that will make them click
      through to your site. Brainstorm a list of about 100-200 different keywords
      that work from a prospect's point of view. Again, this may sound simple but may
      be tough in practice. Do a little research by asking current customers for
      their input. What key words would they (or did they) search on to lead them to

      Use your Visitor Value when
      bidding on key words. Your Visitor Value is the ratio of profits to visitors. A
      Visitor Value of ten cents, for example, means that you realize ten dollars in
      profit for every hundred visitors to your site. Calculate this number when you
      are setting up your campaign to use it as a rule of thumb for your bidding.
      Never bid more for a key word than your Visitor Value; if you do, you are
      losing money with each click through.

      The next step to winning the
      Adwords game is a familiar one: test, test, test. A big advantage of this
      particular direct reponse tool is the instantaneous response you get to your
      adjustments. You don't have to wait days for your modified ads to get "air
      time" to see how they pull. On Google, you can change your keyword or your bid
      price, and you will see what happens within minutes.

      Once you have a campaign
      running, continue to fine tune it to maximize your return by monitoring your
      conversion rate and your cost per conversion. See which keywords convert to
      customers and which are show zero results, and ditch the latter. Keep tweaking
      and testing ads to improve click-through rates. A higher click-through rate
      gives you a higher ad position for the same bid price, so you can cut costs
      dramatically if you double or triple click-through rates.

      Finally, make sure that the
      copy on the landing page that the prospect with click through to follows
      through from the wording of the Google ad. If landing page doesn't match what
      your ad says, visitors are highly likely to leave right away, which costs you
      money and loses you a possible customer.

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