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      Greetings! My Name is Greg Striejewske. For a while now, I have wanted to start my own business. I know there is a lot involved and I am willing to make the start. However, My wife and I have had a turn of bad luck recently that has put that dream further back on the burner. I am looking at two options. One being a creative painting business, (painting murals, themed rooms/areas, etc) which is more of a hobby/passion and maybe in little demand for a business. My second option and more demanding/in need alternative is a home security/self-monitoring themed business. What I invision is purchasing stock of security monitoring equipment to use for my business as well as capital for advertising and maintenance. I would be able to install systems for homeor business owners to have a CCTV system that has more than 720 days of recording capability. The systems I have looked at are all wireless and have battery backups that would allow owners to monitor even during power outages.

      Though this is a dream to start so my wife doesn't have to work, right now we are behind to start. I had to relace the A/C unit in our house, pay for plumbing work, pool pump maintenance and last week my wife was in admitted to the hospital, in which she did not get paid for an entire week. This has all happened in the last 3 weeks. We got a small loan at the end of July to consolidate and get ahead so we can start looking at options. Then everything happened and we are back to square one. On top of all that, our credit scores are around 620 and things do not look good. We are both hard workers and willing to do whatever it takes to get things started. But we need help. Any information or program offers that would help us would be appreciated.

      Sooo, bottom line is we need a loan to get a head, start getting some produt and advertise, all with mediocure credit and starting from scratch. Again, any info would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Help?? Welcome Greg

          Two things to start. One, Where are you and how do I get in touch with you.

          Two, Have you developed a Business Plan, Putting your ideas on paper??

          How much of a loan?? and for How long??

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              Lalex510 Newbie
              Greetings. First, thank you for such a quick response to my question. I am in Maryland, at work to be specific. I can be reached in my office at 301-981-2562 or via e-mail at I am looking for a small start at this point. Probably around 15K. This would allow me the 4K to catch everything up and the remaining 11K to get materials, advertise and go from there. I know this is a long shot, but I am trying to do anything I can to get out of a rut and have a stable side income for my family. With my wife's medical problems, I hate the fact that she has to work to make ends meet. I would need a payment low enough to manage, so the length of the loan would be negotiable. Thanks again for your help!
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              Milleisen Scout
              Hi Greg and welcome,

              First place to start is a business plan. You may consider all the different factors and decide the home security business is not the right business for you. If you invest some time doing your homework upfront, you may save yourself lots of money in the long run if it turns out that your idea is not viable. Off the top of my head, I believe that many home security companies install the equipment for free in exhange for monthly monitoring fees. How will you compete with that?

              Have you considered starting small? Maybe some friends and family have a need for a security system and they can be your guinea pigs. If you do a good job and they value you the service, you can get some word of mouth referrals. If you go that route, you can buy the equipment only when you have a client and not have to make an upfront investment in equipment that you potentially will be stuck with if business is slow.

              I hope that helps!
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                joyenterprise Wayfarer
                This opportunity may be an answer to your prayers. Very low start-up capital, no inventory to handle, strong infrastructure in place already. All that is needed is a dream and a will to achieve it. Check out this site and if you are interested in more info, request the password.