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    Pointers needed for my slow starting food service business

    jessegarces Newbie
      Hello, My name is Jesse Garces, located in Fort Worth, Texas. My brother and I recently started our own "small" business in food service. My problem is that I came to this idea blind folded. I have no previous experience in business running nor have I ever worked in a food chain environment. Basically, our business start up came out of a blank shot but we are doing pretty good I would say. Not nearly as close to were I want to be but with my inexperience, I think I'm managing well. Can anyone give me some pointer tips on what I need to do to make my business legit?

      Thanks a million!

      Jesse Garces
      Simple Foods
        • Re: Pointers needed for my slow starting food service business
          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Congratulations on your start-up. There are a number of small businesses in my area (Austin) that deliver breakfast tacos/burritos to offices and other workplaces. Assuming that your business is somewhat similar, the keys are (a) having a great product and (b) building a customer base that provides repeat business -- which takes a little time (there aren't many cost effective ways to make sales grow faster for businesses like that). So if things are working now and you're clearing a profit, keep doing what you're doing (while looking for ways to reduce costs and overhead without reducng quailty) -- and growth will continue steadily.

          With growth (more customers and profits) comes attention -- someone will undoubtedly check to see if you are operating legitimately and legally. So before you are unexpectedly shut down, ensure that you are. This may range from registering the business with your county to obtaining a city-issued food service permit or other certification in the locales where you prepare and sell food. There may be federal labeling requirements for some foods, too. You can research all of this on-line, or if you provide more specifics about your operation (menu, prep, sales, etc.), there are a number of members here who can probably offer detailed advice.

          Welcome to the community and best wishes.