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    Entrepreneurial Success Relies Upon Mindset, that's it!

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Entrepreneurial success is founded on the ability to overcome obstacles, problem solve, take risks, and lead a team. None of this can be accomplished without th right mindset. New Neuroscience in the past 8 years has proven that through plasticity, the recreation of neural pathways in your brain, Entrepreneurs can rewire their brains through mediation and self affirmations to achieve absolutely anything.


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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Positive expectations are a powerful force, and having the "right mindset" IS very important -- and so are knowledge, skill, experience, discipline, and character. Self-affirmations are not the only thing one needs to overcome obstacles, solve problems, succeed at risks, and lead teams -- yet some gurus say, "that's it" . . . that's all you need to "achieve anything."

          As an owner/manager, business consultant, and trainer I am especially sensitive to this one -- because I keep seeing people who "want to" (in some cases, "REALLY want to") and believe that in itself entitles them to success -- even though they have no experience at what it is they want to do, haven't learned anything about it, haven't developed any of the skills required, don't have the discipline to work at them, and don't have the personality or cash to get someone else to do it all on their behalf. So they continue to struggle -- and that's an unfortunate waste.

          Mindset is ONE of the important elements in entrepreneurial success. It's not the ONLY element by a long shot.
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              Milleisen Scout
              Completely agree with Lighthouse. I had a venture that was tanking, and was telling another local business owner that my best option might be to cut my losses and get out. He went on to lecture me that I needed to have faith and believe, and if I did that good things would happen. If success in business was simply contingent on happy thoughts, life would be great. Unfortunately, no amount of positive thinking could have stopped the local franchise from kicking my butt!

              Like Lighthouse, I get often get clients who are quite excited about having a business, but don't want to go through the steps needed to get there. Overnight successes usually take about 10 years, that's important to keep in mind. Successful entreprenuership is a combination of attitude, skill, resources, sacrifice, and perhaps a little luck.