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    biomedical engineer

    Fastbirds Newbie
      I'm a biomedical engineer i finished my university in 1996 after 6 months i begin working in a small company but there was good experience
      after 5 years i change my work to another company with very good conditions and i'm still working till this moment but my problem now that our compnay will closed for some reasons,so i have experience in all kind of ultrasound ,dental chairs,ecg,and lab equipments and many other type of medical equipments, plus i have my own business in telecomunications so my question if some body need a biomedical engineer with good experience i'm ready to begin with him
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          biomedical engineer, Welcome

          Tell me more about yourself. where are you located?? Do you have a resume??
          Tell me about this telecommunications business?? Does it have a name??

          Can you email your resume to me at " "

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            intechspecial Ranger

            I am not really sure what you are asking for or what you are offering.

            Are you stating that you would like to start a business?

            Or are you offering your services as an employee to an established business?

            Also, I am not sure that I understand the statement that you have experience in ultrasounds and dental chairs AND telecommunications.

            The dental chair really baffled me, but I guess that is just me, as I do not have alot of knowledge about the job requirements of a biomedical engineer.

            I am still really baffled by the dental chair thing.
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                Fastbirds Newbie
                Dear Sir,

                As i told before ,i'm a biomedical engineer .
                i have a big experience in many type of medical equipments since i worked with end of 1996 till this moment,
                yes i have an experience with all kind of ultrasound machine such as abdominal,,cardiac,etc....
                (plus dental chairs yes my company was a dealer for OMS equipments from ITALY......)
                In side of my specilalist i have a big knowldge of telecommunications that i like this job and i'm a dealer since 1999 (own business)for DSG telecommunications .

                Hope i answered you as well and hope you can help me

                Best Regards