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    In Dire Need of Sticky Posts

    Milleisen Scout
      It would be quite helpful for some of these forums to have "sticky posts" that remain as the top posts on the various threads. Especially in the Loans and Lines of Credit thread, it would be nice to have a sticky post that titled "Newcomers, Read This First". This would explain to newcomers how best to leverage alI the great professionals on this forum. I could see it going something like this:

      "Welcome To The Community! If you are posting a question in this thread, you likely have an borrowing need or issue. In order for other professionals to give you meaningful feedback and advice, please provide as much detail about your business as you feel comfortable providing. Examples of info to include:

      What does your business do?
      How long have you been in business?
      How much money do you need, and what will you use it for?
      Have you been turned down by a bank for your request? If so, why?
      What is your personal credit score?

      Offering basic info like this will get you the answers you need much faster, and will eliminate the need for members to answer your questions with more questions. Thanks and best of luck!"