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    Looking To Buy A Business?  Let's Talk!

    Milleisen Scout

      Are you interested in buying a business, but aren't sure what the right price should be? Do you look at financial statements and get that "deer in the headlights" look?

      When you engage me for my business acquisition services, I conduct a thorough analysis of the historical tax returns or financial statements of a business that you are considering purchasing. I will identify major trends (positive or negative) and raise any issues that could be a risk to you upon acquisition. I will also value the business based on the historic cash flows and comparable sales, which will give you leverage during the negotiation process. In some cases, I may even recommend that a client not pursue an opportunity based on my findings (It's one thing to buy a business when the numbers work, it's quite another to do the deal because you are tired of looking for something to buy!). My services will give you valuable knowledge that you can use to negotiate the best possible price. Finally, I will create financial projections based on historical results, while incorporating changes that you plan to make to the business. Investing in my services up front could prevent you from potentially losing thousands by overpaying or by making a bad investment. Consultations are always FREE.

      Jason Milleisen, Small Business Consultant