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    Where to Incorporate my Business?

    azmico Newbie
      Hello folks!
      Im interested to form a corporation/LLC to start our new business,however the choices of forming corporation is creating too much confusion and I am requesting some help here. Why do people incorporate in Nevada or Delaware and do business in other states? I checked but it appears that formation might be cheaper but if my corporation wants to do business in CA, I will have to pay the same taxes as CA corporation+get qualified as foreign corp doing biz in CA state.If we add up, the charges shoot up and makes no difference if we incorporate in Delaware or CA. Can anyone please explain how do I go about it if I want to do business in CA as Delware Corp? Has anyone formed a foreign corp and done biz in other state? Any insights on the subject would highly be appreciated. Thanks
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          DCDirect Wayfarer
          The Company Corporation is a good place to start.
          I had good advise / results with them in Delaware and elsewhere.

          They offer a complete package to start and follow-up a company from a legal and admin perspective.


          Good Luck.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Where to Incorporate my Business??

            Good question. Everybody in business should have an Accountant and a Lawyer

            Now is the time to ask the professional.

            Go to Members page and share some info about you and your company.

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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              There are multiple reasons people choose Delaware and Nevada, but the most significant are that Delaware's state laws and court system are very favorable to corporations (as a business owner, where would you rather go to court, in a state that tended to "protect" businesses and where the outcome of commercial litigation was "predictable" -- or a state that assumed businesses were "bad guys" and that had a history of huge out-of-the-blue judgments against them?). Nevada's corporate laws were modeled after Delaware's, plus Nevada has favorable laws regarding stock issues/purchases, no state taxes, very nominal fees, and privacy (shareholders are not public record).

              In most states, a foreign (formed in another state) corporation must register in another state where it has a physical presence and conducts business -- and yes, the fees and taxes for registering as a foreign corporation can be just as much as if the corporation had been formed in that state to begin with.

              Assuming that you're forming a small business in CA, then founding/registering the company in CA might be easier and better than registering and operating as a foreign corporation. There are other options such as forming a corporation in Nevada, and then forming an LLC in CA with the corporation as the member/owner -- but what's best for you and your business really depends on what you're trying to achieve relative to ownership, liability protection, growth, taxes, etc. There are trade-offs with every alternative.

              Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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                Barkri12 Wayfarer
                Prior to incorporation, you as the proprietor of the business own the assets of the business, but more importantly are personally responsible for its debts and liabilities.

                For More Info :
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                  vegascorps Newbie
                  Hello Ricky: We have been forming Nevada Corporations for people all over the country for over twelve (12) years. We chose Nevada because they have the best Corporate program in the nation. This is why people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki use Nevada Corps. The "C" Corporation can give you more tax advantages that the LLC or an "S" Corp, provided you know how to use it properly, and that is one of the things we teach our clients. Also, the "C" Corp can protect you better since it is a separate entity, stands on its' own, and files its' own tax return. We also teach you how to protect your assets, gain privacy, use the Corporate shield to protect yourself from your business liabilities, build Corporate credit, eliminate probate and inheritance taxes, and more. Delaware has a good Corporate program, but not as good as Nevada. We can show you how to use your Nevada Corp in California, or any other state.
                  For more information, please contact us:
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