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    A Realtor trying to represent bank's REOs

    CaliRE Newbie
      I am an experienced Realtor with many years of successful business trying to go with where the market seems to be heading. I have always been a listing agent, and that is what I enjoy most; marketing my properties. REOs are a market I want to get into, but it is very difficult to get in touch with the people in the banks I need to be in touch with. I have resumes made up for the banks, my partner does as well. She has had experience with both REOs and short sales. In fact we have a couple short sales pending now.
      But what I am asking is, any tips on getting in to the banks that have properties that need to be sold?
      Any advice would be appreciated.
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          wealthoffice Newbie
          Most outsource the REO. I would search the net for companies that offer outsource REO services and contact them and see which officer is handling the properties in the area you want to serve. You may have to get their attention, as you are not the only one, but good luck.

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Find out who is in charge of that department by looking on the website. Then find the number and call. The first person you will talkl to is the Administrative Assistant, or Executinve Assistant. Chat them up, be super super nice and start by asking about the REOs' and how they are being handled. Also, after the conversation no matter how short...send a thank you note to that person along with a business card.

            Then call again a week later, find a property they own and find a solution or a buyer!
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              notaging Wayfarer
              Find another agent in your local area that has an REO listing and ask them how to go about getting your foot thru the door with the lender. I ran across site a while that would teach you how to become an REO agent.

              Surf away and good luck in this crazy market

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