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    Carbon copy PRO Marketing

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      I came to know about many things about internet marketing,the new technique used in internet marketing like carbon copy pro marketing, BiB(business in Box) etc.I really like this system because it eliminates many of the obstacles facing network marketers online and helps them to close prospects.The best way to understand the power of the CarbonCopyPRO marketing system is to go through the system yourself.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Carbon copy PRO Marketing, Welcome

          Found out the following on line. Not my thoughts, LUCKIEST

          A Cut Through The &quotHype" And &quotFluff" CarbonCopyPro Re
          I am not here to bash CarbonCopyPro or Wealth Masters International, or even say that you shouldn't get involved, that *decision truly is yours alone to make</strong</p>

          And me using the word burned may be a bit harsh but it was simply my way to get your attention so I could share my opinion about CarbonCopyPro, Wealth Masters International and network marketing which sometimes get clouded with all of the “hype” and hope of making a significant income from ho
          <img style="border: 0px solid ; margin: 0px; float: none" src="" alt="" width="468" height="60"</p>

          However, I believe this information will help you sort out truth from hype and assist you in your efforts to determine what would be *best for you and your family</strong</p>

          If you are like me, it doesn't take you long of being on the internet to discover all of the "hype" and the rags to riches claims and how they have uncovered the "secret system" that is going to make you and I wealth
          However, common sense should tell you that if their so called "do all" system is so good, "Why Do They Need You Or Me?
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          I believe CarbonCopyPro and Wealth Masters International are just like the myriad of other programs out there that fall into this category and have created a product, which does have some value, however, the price is so outrageously high simply so a large commission can be paid ou
          thoughts are this, if the product offered by CarbonCopyPro, Wealth
          Masters Intenational or any other network marketing program for that
          matter, doesn’t have enough value to be purchased outside of the income opportunity, then I give it a thumbs dow
          Perhaps, that is why I gravitated to a product that not only has been sold for the past 21 years without an income opportunity attached (until now) but it is also a product that is the most sought after, highly valued and appealing products in the wor


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            snipperred Scout
            Hello Adam,

            Thank you for supporting our orientationa dn introduction thread called "Online Business Consulting".

            Once you have a profile established, you can create and contribute discussions without cold selling. If other members take an interest in you, your message, or your answers- then they can look into that profile to get more information about you and go from there. I highly recommend you consider this approach, particularly with respect that a lot of members are already turned off by what they consider "schemes".

            Now as a courtesy for reviewing the community guidelines, I took the liberty of reviewing Carbon Copy Pro Marketing- both the blog and the web page. I am actually impressed with the delivery. I really like how the blog presents statistics that should essentially speak for themselves. As a business decision maker, I often want to skip the details and get right to the financials. I found the categorical itemization actually served to give me a near instant overview of what the system is and how it works. I think the presentation technique is superior to a content heavy description. So good job. I'm glad you shared and keep in mind I normally would have bypassed your initial thread.

            I also liked the banner header for the blog posts. It looks sharp. Seeing the sharp blog posts and that I decided to take one more step and look into it- despite the suggestion there was a modest application fee. Again, I normally click away once I see something like that. I was curious whether this was the home blog or whether it was just a subsidiary member of the home company. What I found was pretty consistent. I left with a reiteration the system was for serious candidates only- this idea and a few more are grounded in legitimate reasoning. So again, thumbs up for intelligent presentation- there seems to be some marketing expertise at work.

            Now, I would have to agree with the reference Luckiest found. I have a pet peeve for how I conduct my business that has to do from my experience signing up for a home-based business opportunity when I was much younger- over a decade ago. The peeve is, if the ROI is so great, then the host company should make the initial investment in set up, provide all the follow up service to help make the venture profitable, and then take it's share. Otherwise, it is likely a scheme praying on the desperations and ambitions of your average Joe. People put in an initial investment such as 1K or it looks like in your case up to 6K and are then vested in selling to everybody they know. I personally get very annoyed when I meet someone and they quickly turn the conversation to their pyramid scheme. However, I feel sorry for them because I had been in that position.

            I see a value in direct marketing. There are a lot of variations being explored out there. I have yet to find many that meet my rule of thumb, though. I believe 99% of the people who do those will end up with a loss, and the proprietors of those programs will be the only ones to profit. Having looked into your statistics, I think you might be in a position to invest in the success of others and contract out the system to an independent commission-based sales force. O.K. to use the residuals as an incentive, but...

            My other pet peeve in dealing with vendors or others associating with me is convincing me the cost savings I get is supported with logistic innovation. In other words, I always ask how is it someone can sell me something at a lower price than others? Are they loss leading? Have they leveraged their overhead through cooperation and organization to eliminate wastes, etc? When I see residuals, the first thing that crosses my mind is my money is going on to something that is not directly adding value to me. That expense is unnecessary and the product/ service I could be purchasing could be that much less expensive.

            I do like to know people are charging an honest days wage for an honest day's work. Even loss leading can come across as desperation and makes me wonder if that entity is on the verge of failure. Of course, everyone expects something for free these days and it's great if you can oblige to get your foot in the door. On the other hand, I often partner or buy from people who charge a little more but provide outstanding service, security, and go the extra mile to ensure I am completely satisfied. So the merit of charging an application fee makes sense to me, but does not attract me.

            Hope my feedback helps you in your venture. Good luck!