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    Looking for Investors on a Construction Development in Texas

    geom009 Wayfarer

      This just came across my desk A large construction development in texas worth at least
      60 million with a potential to reach 100 million plus. At first I thought like anyone it wasn't'
      real but I research it and "oh boy it's real". I have all the documents business plan survey's
      exit strategies letters from the city mayor the Governor of texas everyone's on board. The
      construction is for a University College there but the whole city will benefit with more opportunties
      for their students and faculty and college to expand it's enrollment and city to create more
      jobs it's a win win situation for everyone. My job it to help the developer find the financing he needs to
      do this large project. I have letters from the University and the City mayor stating the will
      contribute money and whatever needs to be done to get this project of the ground.
      This great oppertunity for anyone to make huge profits and their investment. I have a whole


      package with everything there is to know about this wonderful project. ONLY SERIOUS INVESTORS REPLY. Also the city is willing to kick most of the land for the project at a huge discount!!!