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    Valuing and Selling Your Business

    Michael_K Newbie
      It was difficult to decide which forum to post my introductory message. Most forums don't have a topic for valuing and selling businesses but it's a subject that every business owner thinks about and most confront at least once. My firm has been helping owners with these issues for 30 years, but we're new to the web. I hope you'll visit our site to learn more.

      By way of introduction, if anyone has a question in this area, I will be happy to try and answer it.


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      Triumph Associates Ltd
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          candles70 Newbie


          It so happens I was also searching for the appropriate thread/forum for this subject. I own an internet business that sells candlemaking supplies to small home crafters and business owners. I run my company out of an 8100 sq. ft. warehouse that I own located in southern Ohio. Unfortunately, most of my inventory is petroleum based (waxes, fragrance oils, glass products) and costs have sky-rocketed. I have been trying to sell the property for over a year with no serious buyers, and have reduced the price. I need to get out from under this property and operate on a smaller scale in another location.

          Any legitimate interest/leads would be appreciated, I will provide details about property upon request privately. New industry is relocating to my area, but time is of the essence in my situation.