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    Questions abou Angel investors?

    Basket_Guy Adventurer

      I have been hearing about angel investors and had some questions about them.

      1. What do they invest in?
      2. How does the investing work?
      3. Where can you find them?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Questions about Angel investors??

          What do they invest in?? Each one is different. Some are in business, Some are private

          How does the investing work?? Same answer. each angel investor is different.
          Some want a piece of the business, some want a good rate of return on their investment

          Where can you find them?? Here in this web site or they will find you on this site or
          google "Angel Investors"

          Hope this answers your questions and helps, LUCKIEST
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            DCDirect Wayfarer
            The angel comes with a high ROI in a short period of time.
            So your business plan should reflect this.
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              Kontent_King Newbie

              I have a question myself...

              Through private investing, is the process of actually receiving the funds faster than if I were to attempt to get VC funding from an institute?
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  I think it depends on the source. I know one private investor who moves like a bank but then I have heard of some who make a decision fairly quickly. I don't think there is a hard, ast rule that we can apply to any investors.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    Basket_Guy, I can't add anything better than the answers already posted regarding your questions.

                    Kontent_King, angels are generally making much smaller investments than venture capitalists. Most angel investors seem to have a specific type of investment they prefer, and the paperwork is usually fairly straightforward. In contrast, VCs often have very complex (and lengthy) term sheets -- you can spend a lot of time and money with attorneys just trying to understand the deal. So yes, private investors provide funding MUCH faster, but then that sort of figures since the amounts involved are generally much less.

                    Hope that helps.
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                    1) Simply put, angel investors invest in the types of businesses that interest them. That can cover a wide range of business types and industries.

                    Typically though, "serial angels" (those sophisticated investors who routinely put capital into many businesses (though they tend to prefer those they have experience in) and do so over a period of time and are always looking for investments. They usually are looking for high growth businesses. "One shot" or main street type angels that limit their activities are often local business people or professionals that have some extra capital to put to work in businesses in their area and may not do things on the scale of a serial or professional angel investor. They may consider smaller opportunities or lower growth type businesses that are local to them, that show them the business is viable and has opportunities, where they have access and can observe how the business develops.

                    2) Usually an angel investor is a straight equity investor (or places the funds with you as convertible debt).

                    That means they buy part of your company (the stock) for part of the ownership. Depending on their own requirements that may be a minority position (less than 50%) or majority position (more than 51%). Rarely would you see a 50/50 split and frankly that is not a good position to be in since no one has clear control of the business direction if it came down to a 'vote'. As a business owner unless you have some real compelling reason to do it ... never give up more than 49% of your business to investors. My opinion of course.

                    With more sophisticated angels, you sometimes will see them (and VC's) use a convertible note (sometimes called a debenture) to secure the capital they put into a company. That means they put the money in as debt (loan the money to the company) and in return get paid back with interest ... since their money is at significant risk (especially if you are new company or start-up) they want it structured as debt so they can recoup some of the money if the business fails. When a business fails creditors sometimes have a shot at getting some money back by seizing assets and selling them to re-pay the debt or going after any personal (non-business) collateral if tied to the debt. Equity investors do not have any recourse if the business fails. But if the business has real growth prospects, the note will probably have conversion rights so that if the business succeeds they can change their debt to equity (stock) in the company. That is the "sweetener" in the deal for the angel investor and often is referred to as an "equity kicker".

                    3) You can find them by searching online for "angel investors".

                    You will find a lot of web sites but will need to sift through them all to find the ones that are direct contacts (not intermediary or venue sites that sell you access to the investors) and to find the ones that are going to be interested in your type of business. You can find them on your own but it does take work on our part. You can also search this online community and find other info on angel investors that might be of interest or informative.


                    I hope the above helps. If you get into your search and have other questions, post them here or on this site and you'll get feedback on them ... also feel free to contact me direct and I'll help you as best I can.

                    Dennis Lowery

                    Adducent, Inc.
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                      Santa Fe CPA Adventurer

                      Hi there Basket_Guy,


                      Luckiest has given you some good general guides of the Angel Community. I attend several Angel Investor meetings each year and this is what I have found about thsi breed of cat. They are individuals and partnerships. In some cases the may be subsidiaries of a major firm on the look out for potenial products that would fit their business model.


                      1. They will invest in anything that has 1) a strong masnagement team, 2) a good business plan, 3) a product and market that they understand, 4) well thought out financials clearly persented, and 5) a preferred geographic location with easy access.


                      2. The investment is, normally through a Private Placement Memorandum which spells oput the terms of the investment and the valuations of investee company. The investment may be in Common Equity, Preferred Stock, or a debt instrument of some form. The investor will always want some say in the company's operation and iff substantial a seat on the board of directors


                      3. A "Google" search is indeed a good starting place to find a network. A local commercial lending officer may also be able to guide you to a nearby group.