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    I Need Your Feedback

    HumanArrow Adventurer

      I need your help in getting feedback for my company's website. The website will be finished soon but, you can take a sneak peak at it now. I would appreciate 10 minutes of your time to assist me with your feedback. The website is

      Does the website answer the following questions?

      What is Human Arrow?
      Who can use Human Arrow?
      How much is it?
      What areas does it cover?
      Do you see value in Human Arrow?
      Overall feedback?
      The website is

      Thank you,

        • Re: I Need Your Feedback
          snipperred Scout
          Hi, I think you have a nice start to a conventional website. My only conventional advice would be to make the intro content bigger font. I didn't go through the pages. The first page left an intuitive impression to answer your questions more or less.

          I don't recall seeing the price. Actually, I am sure you have the specific answers within your pages. I was wondering, if those are questions you want to answer formeost to people, why not ensure they are all covered on your home page?

          The survey is a nice touch that raises the question on medium. However, I usually ignore surveys because I already know the answer and don't see any direct value to me in participating.

          I like your business idea because it makes me think of the classic industrial mentality to go out and make something happen. I have lots of unconventional and critical thoughts on the concept. I think the idea sells through it's creative and industrial value. However, that's not the impression I left from your website. I can't help but feel you are restricting yourself to a defined target market and execution.

          To return the favor or offer your own criticism, you are welcome to check out my new site- still partially under construction and reference the same questions. From there, you can contact me directly if you want my critical analyses and suggestions. I didn't hear back from you on my WiFi sign idea- so thought to keep my report conventional here for you.