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    selling gelato, wheetgrass, and other juice

    gopalsjuice Newbie
      me and my live in gainesville florida. we own a house painting business and have been busy for 3 years strait. me and my wife do all the work, but now my is tired of doing labor work with me( cant blame her)
      we have are also growing weet grass and other juice's at home for a while, we take some our selves, sell to friends the rest. we recently bought a gelato maker, and a cooling cabinet.
      our plans are to start off at home and on the weekends we have a sunday feast at our temple, there are all types of vendors there selling goods, and it's only 10 dollars for a spot.
      there are about 300 to 500 on a regular sunday, and at festivals there are 700 to 1000. this could be just temporary arangement until we get a spot in a good location.
      gainesville is a big college town, so we would proably want to be a high foot traffic area. around campus. right across university ave, there are a lot of food shops, we were thinking of piggy backing with a company wich is not food related, i know restaruants are in the top ten business's that fail, but a gelato and juice bar has more of a nich to it, any advice would be great.
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          bizsaver Wayfarer
          I love Gelato, and I am sure it would be a great little weekend business for you. Your best bet is to continue what you are doing by setting up a stand for church and community events. If you are thinking about participating in larger events around your community, you will need a business license that allows you to sell food. You will definately need some liability insurance. Go to your locale SBA (Small Business Administration) and SCORE office to get more information on everything you need. You should also start attending business mixers and Chamber of Commerce meetings to get the word out that you offer great Gelato at social and community events.

          Good luck to you, and have a great day of business,

          Gary Scaife, The Answer Guy
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            paperworxny Wayfarer
            Hi gopalsjuice,


            It sounds like you and your wife do very well with spreading the word. That's an excellent business characteristic. Starting out on the weekend as you have explained in your post is a great way to test the success of your gelato bar. Perhaps you can make it a seasonal/weekend business and/or consider opening a little gelato lounge that is easy going and serves gelato like Starbuck's serves coffee on a smaller scale. It would be over a period of time that the bar would come into play, but first, testing the sale production on the weekend would be beneficial in estimating a projected profit and gain from opening up an actual location. Also, try advertising at your booth to newcomers, or people that have never tried gelato and wheet grass before. A simple but creative packaging may also do the trick. That would make it a little easier to buy. It will open up a new door of customers which will increase your local community loyalty.

            That's just a sketch of what your potential would be. I have a few other ideas if you're interested. I would really need to know what you immediate goals are and what your long-term goals are in regard to both businesses.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Selling gelato, wheetgrass, and other juice, Welcome

              With selling it is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION and a good product to sell.

              If I wanted to start selling gelato, wheetgrass, and other juice, I would do three things.

              1) Find a LOCATION
              2) Visit SCORE. SCORE is FREE
              3) Develop a Business and Marketing Plan

              Good luck, LUCKIEST