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    Starting a new cell phone business...

    RockD_Phones Newbie
      We are a new cell phone start-up business, with an emphasis on imported GSM phones in conjuction with (hopefully) providing gsm service (as sub-dealer). Initial plan is to sell imported GSM phones online on web store and/or e-bay. Very early stages of starting (started 4 days ago). 2 owners, myself hispanic male and friend hispanic female, single mother. Have below average credit, little/no immediate funds to contribute to business. are working on ideas and brain storming layout. Looking to cater to individuals with taste for the unique and new, with phones rarely seen on these shores along with the trendiest accessories. Also having phones available for video share launch (overseas phones already compatible) in upcoming months, having an upper hand on the amount of phones available and compatible with service versus traditional corporate/direct dealer stores. Have not created business plan yet. And yes, I've heard of SCORE and am planning to consult with them once we have all of or ideas fleshed out. Will be looking for loans, grants, investors to help get started. I've worked and managed a retail electronics store with an emphasis on cell-phones for 6 years for three of the four major carriers in the US. As far as questions, I've been reading a lot of this forum recently and I still don't really know where to start as far as setting up the business. How to set-up the business (partnership, llc, etc.), how/where to look for funds, and everything else that goes into starting a business. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your input.