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    LOVE Networking

    chefstacy Wayfarer

      I love to network with all types of businesses/people and never turn down advice,or opinions, anything like that, but i was wondering is there anyway on here that i can find a way to maybe also Network with businesses/people in my State. I mean if we can help each other i think that is the best support for any business. What does everyone think.
      My name is Chef Stacy and i live in Arizona, would love some advice or feed back on what i can do to bring our community or small businesses together to help each other.

      Chef Stacy
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          snipperred Scout
          Hi there. Check out my site. I agree and have incorporated the theme into my social network. It's just getting going. I think I just had some members join from your area.
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              intechspecial Ranger
              I am do enjoy networking as well. It has been difficult for me to connect on a local level, but I have connected on a world wide level with relative ease.

              I really should get out from my Integration Developement Environment more offen, but I love developing websites.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              LOVE Networking, Me too.

              However I live in New York. Have you tried local Trade Shows, Conventions

              Business Breakfasts. Something FREE. Find a local newspaper reporter who will write
              a story about you and what you are doing for the community and include a FREE (something).

              It os called Marketing. Get your name and your business out there.

              Again, LUCKIEST