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    Fair split of Revenue

    theaquanaut Newbie
      My name is Millis. I am an experienced diver and scuba dive instructor
      with a background as chief editor for the scandinavian dive magazine.
      I now live in Florida, where I started a web site, I have occasionally had a column in X-Ray Dive magazine, an international dive magazine that is highly
      regarded among a percentage of divers around the world.

      Now the owner of the site, which publishes this international dive magazine in pdf format and I are about to start a spin-off publication, focusing on diving in Florida and the Caribbean, with me running the Florida branch as a kind of "franschise". The revenue will come from advertising, since subscription is free.
      My question, since this way of working together is new to me, is what a fair split of the revenue would be. The risk will be mine, the workload mine, the costs mine, but I would benefit from an established website that already reach a number of divers that might be interested in traveling to Florida, as well as an established web platform. The local knowledge of X-ray magazine is not widely known and requires some leg work.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Fair split of Revenue, Welcome Millis

          Every body in business should have an Accountant and a Lawyer.
          Are you guys going to be Partners in this "spin off publication"?? EQUAL PARTNERS??
          Are you going to be drawing a SALARY??

          Now is the time to put your ideas and demands on paper and both you and owner should
          sit down and work out the arrangements. AND THEN YOU should see YOUR lawyer

          Good luck, LUCKIEST