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    Event August 26:  Using technology to give you the edge

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      Do you want to gain a competitive edge "without breaking the bank?" Learn how leveraging available technology in your small business can help you do that. With competition locally and even globally, small businesses need to put their best foot forward without spending more than they should to attract customers. Technology that was only available to large businesses a few years ago is now geared towards smaller businesses which mean acting big, even when you're not! Matt Makowicz, of Ambition Consulting is an expert and published author on the subjects of growing a small business and leveraging technology. He will answer questions such as:

      • How can technology help a one person company working from home?
      • How does my use of technology (or lack thereof) influence my potential customers?
      • Can a small business really afford the latest and best technology out there?

      About Matt:

      Matt is a Small Business Specialist for Microsoft. He is a principle at Ambition Consulting whose core focus is to help other businesses become successful by leveraging the experience of running award winning IT consulting practices that services small and medium business clients. Matt has also achieved numerous technical certifications and awards throughout his 15+ years of business experience.

      The SBOC Team is taking questions in advance. Post your question here (Event: Use technology to appear BIG) today and check back on August 26th, 1:00-2:30 PM EST for the answer. You may ask a question at any point during the event. Remember, you must be a member to participate.