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    Online Business Consulting

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      Welcome to a great small business online community. Enjoy access to some of the best online business advice for free. Get solutions you need through online social networking. It's that simple. Let's get started!

      About the Community...

      Please take a moment to learn About the Community. Refer to the links at the bottom of this page. Take note of the Community Guidelines. Also find some important "Rules for the Road" at the bottom of the User Agreement. Thank you for doing your part to respect the community. A special thank you to Bank of America for making this online business community available to everyone.

      About Members...

      We have some outstanding contributors in the community who are happy to help answer your questions or relate to you as small business owners. Top contributors in this forum earn points by providing useful answers. Please return the favor by marking your questions as answered so credit can be given where it is due.

      You can learn more about a member's business by clicking on their name and reviewing their profile. This community has a wide range of consulting specialties available to you. Some represent business support services in your area. SCORE, for example, is widely recognized. SCORE is FREE. Take a look at our top contributor profiles when you can. Build your profile to tell us more about yourself. The more we know about you, the more helpful we can be in networking with you.

      About this thread...

      Use this thread to let us know you are here, offer an abbreviated description of your business, and leave a quick note about your initial areas of interest. Or just check in to say "Hi". Many members choose to receive e-mail updates on new posts to threads they are participating in. So please use this introductory thread only once per member. This will help us develop a member introduction directory and serve as an announcement tool to let us know you have joined. The update includes a link to the new message author's profile. From there, we can see what other threads you have started or are contributing to.

      About forums...

      Feel free to contribute your insights to other forum discussions or initiate your own conversations/ questions with smart use of forum categories. For example, Starting a Business is a great forum to use for real-time feedback and advice if you are starting, or thinking of starting your own business. Another useful forum is *Business Classifieds*- where you can announce your business products and services. Use your business-sense/ common-sense discretion and please do your part to help keep our forums clean of spam and excess posting clutter on the same subject where a single post will do. Together, we can keep our community organized, constructive, and on topic for the benefit of our very busy business people.

      On to introductions!

      My name is Anthony. I am a young entreprenuer and college student who likes to glean from the expertise offered here and contribute my own two cents whenever I think I can add some value to a conversation. I hope to be a business consultant someday with a focus on "modern business for the modern environment". I welcome social networking on personal, professional, and organizational levels and am currently working on my own online social networking application while I go to school. I pride myself on being "outside-the-box" and believe you might find me qualified to offer innovative business solutions some day. However, I have a lot to learn! So let me encourage you to share your business needs and expertise liberally here on this community in order to help me facilitate my ongoing professional development and education.

      Here's a quick tip for using social networking to introduce your business. Use a key word or your company name in the subject header when you do your business classified- then Google it and see where your thread rates among the other SEO. Good luck! Enjoy some great free online business consulting and leads on helpful fee-for-service resources. Most importantly, thanks for being a part of the Bank of America Small Business Online Community!