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    Destroying Fear, Doubt, and Anxiety - Accomplish Anything

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      People tend to freak out when they realize they are deep in debt. How do you
      counter this fear, and furthermore, figure out an outside of the box solution
      for solving your debt? The first thing to recognize is this: you may be in
      dept, but you are not in physical harm. While dept

      The key to solving debt is finding another avenue of cash flow. While you
      might not be able to pay back all or most of your debt at one time, a secondary
      revenue stream will restore your confidence that you can beat dept.

      The first thing to do is recondition your mind to think differently. You
      can't be thinking and asking yourself, "How am I going to get out of
      dept." You must tell yourself, "I will get out of dept. There are
      many opportunities to do this. Which one would I like to select?" Think
      positively and constructively. The law of attraction relates to your brain in
      the sense that, as you think positive or negative thoughts towards a certain
      concept, positive or negative chemicals are released.

      Once you understand this, you can train
      yourself to resist the urge to automatically think negatively towards
      something, like debt, and consciously reverse your thinking to a positive
      state. Tell yourself, "This is an awesome opportunity to set some goals
      and accomplish something constructive." Get creative and start an internet
      business. Whatever you are good at, whether it is cooking or it is internet
      marketing, turn it into a small business. Focus on the critical few (the things
      you are really good at) and forget about the trivial many (the many more things
      that you are not that great at). See more tips and commentary like this